Happily Homemade

Next week is Christmas and I still have a few gifts to sew!


felt and fabric scraps


And I missed posting this for Thursday Threads yesterday, sorry about that.  And speaking of  Thursday Threads, it will return next year called Thursday Threads – A Day in My Sewing Room!

What is my “Project in the Works?”

Homemade  Christmas Ornaments.

For these ornaments, I hand drew on paper a stocking and a house.  I already had circles cut out for templates.

Using these templates and 100% wool felt, I cut out these shapes.  I also cut out cotton fabric  squares and rectangles.  I used what fabric that was in my scrap bag, as I did not want to buy any more fabric!  I stitched these cotton scraps onto the front of the wool felt shapes.


sewing ornaments


And I just had to sew some decorative stitches on the ornaments!  Now all I need to do is  add jute string or a ribbon and they are all set to hang on the tree.

If you are looking for some sewing gift ideas, here’s a couple of my older posts:


gift card pocket


Pictured above is a gift card pocket from Father’s Day Ideas and

in Mother’s Day Ideas there is a cool way to add fabric to a pretty picture frame.

I still need to buy a few more gifts this weekend.  On the top of my list to give that is not homemade?  Books!

Melodious Morning

Here I am sipping coffee once more.


coffee cup and cloth napkin


It is a Wednesday morning in December and I wrote another haiku poem.

By looking outside
Amidst the grey and the clouds
Now slightly snowing.

As I pour myself another cup of coffee, I’m thinking ahead to the new year and also enjoying the melodious sounds of:

- Christmas music in the air

- Sweet chimes of the kitchen timer as a reminder that the cookies in the oven are done

- Smiling as I think of the joyful sound of laughter and chatting when visiting family and friends

-The soft whisper of my pencil onto paper as I compose words into blog posts

- And the hum of my sewing machine as I finish sewing gifts!

A Blanket Haiku

Back in October

a little, little blanket was sewn.


a blanket haiku


The posts were called Sweet Baby Patchwork Part 1 and Part 2.

This blanket was fun to make as I looked for tiny fabric scraps to be cut into squares.

Then the squares were sewn together to create a tiny blanket.  Did I mention that this would be great for a baby shower gift?


tiny blanket


Here is a poem that I wrote about this blanket.

A Blanket Haiku

A blanket sewn with
Tiny pieces of fabric
Sweet baby patchwork.

Have a great Tuesday!


As I sit sipping coffee and gazing out the window,

I wonder and began to write.

I wrote this as an uplifting and positive piece.  Perhaps it may sound like complaints, but really they are not.


fabric and paper


This post is simply titled:


- The snow will return and cover the grass like a brand new quilt.

- The grass will turn green again and the trees will have new leaves.

- I will finish the Winter Throw and the Fabric Square Quilt.  But for now, I’m perfectly happy to sew baby quilts, doll quilts, baby play mats, and even a quilt for our dog.

- I’ll decide on what kind of book to write and submit a book proposal.

- I will take a sewing or craft book off my shelf, and make every project in it.

- I’ll have all my fabric that I hoard all neatly folded, and sorted by color, print, and design.

-I will dust off the keys on the keyboard and learn to play music on it.

As I re-read this list, I smiled.

With the exception of the first 2 thoughts, yep, I can accomplish these


Bridal Showers with Fabric Four

Welcome to part 4 of the

Bridal Showers with Fabric Series!


bridal showers with fabric 4


Part 1 was a cute game.  Part 2 was a Recipe Wrap and Part 3 was a fabric square game.

Today’s post is simply called “Recipe Favorites.”

Before the shower, ask your guests if they would like to bring a recipe along to the shower for the bride.

Here is an idea:  If it is a Fall or  Winter season shower, ask them to bring a favorite Fall or Winter recipe.  If the shower is during the Spring or Summer, ask them to bring a favorite Spring or Summer recipe.

How about making a patchwork pocket to gather the recipes in?


bookmark with fabric scraps


The pocket is sewn similar to the above Fabric Scrap Bookmark but with different dimensions.

To make the pocket,  take 3 fabric scraps that are 8 1/2″ long by various widths.  I chose a light weight denim and 2 quilting cottons.  After sewn together, the pocket piece is 8 1/2″ long by 7 1/2″ wide.

Serge or sew these 3 fabrics wrong – yep wrong – sides together along the 8 1/2″ edge.  I used a 3 thread overlock wide serger stitch with 1/4″ seams.


sewing pocket for recipes


Press seams to 1 side.  Trim if necessary, to 8 1/2″ long by 7 1/2″ wide.  The 8 1/2″ edges are the top and bottom.

On the right side of the fabric, use a decorative or zigzag stitch down the middle of the seam allowances.  Then use an overcast, zigzag stitch or serger stitch on the 2 shorter edges.


patchwork recipe pocket


Place the fabric piece wrong side up with the 8 1/2″ edge at the top.  The seam allowances are on the right side of the fabric.  Fold the bottom shorter edge up 3 3/4″.

Pin and sew with 1/4″ seams down the 2 sides.  I used a 4 thread overlock serger stitch.

A cute patchwork pocket!

And the bride has a nice collection of Recipe Favorites!

Pencil Bag Sketch

A sketch of how I wrote today’s post!


pencil bag sketch


While thinking of the dimensions for this pencil bag, words strolled through my head.  I wrote them down,  changed a few around and here is a:

Pencil Bag Haiku

Zipper denim bag
Added patchwork with stitches
To store pencils in.


pencil bag fabrics


On to the pencil bag for Thursday Threads:

I cut out some denim scraps.

5 small cotton squares or 1 large cotton square?

Had the 5 squares sewn on, did not care for the look of the front piece

Cut out another denim piece, decided on 1 fabric square.

Stitched 2 pieces of ribbon together, sewed that on one side.

Sewed the zipper to the top front and back pieces.

Serged the sides and bottom.

pencil bag and pencils


Turned right side out and filled with pencils!

A cool Christmas idea!




Thesaurus Thoughts

Oh Thesaurus!

Where are you?

Oh Thesaurus!


thesaurus thoughts


I have a thesaurus sitting right by me when I write blog posts.  It’s fun to look up words in the book and find some new words that I could use instead.

I have sat on our couch and paged through my thesaurus for catchy blog titles.  And I did not realize that there were so many different words for “thought”.  The one I purchased is called Webster’s New World Thesaurus by Charlton Laird.

And speaking of a thesaurus, my husband and I were camping last Summer.  I complained (yes complained) that I did not bring my thesaurus or dictionary along for writing and blogging.

Ever sit at a campground and write?  Positively peaceful, picturesque, and pretty cool!

Paper and a pencil?  They go with me to the beach, stores, on vacations, walks, in the car, etc.

My sewing  machine and fabric?  They stay at home.  Resting.

I have  learned my lesson:  to always bring my thesaurus and dictionary along on camping trips.  Just in case there is no phone or Internet.

Oh, my  thesaurus?

I just found it.  It was hiding behind my wooden flower spool!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post,  I purchased this book at a bookstore and wanted to share this true story with you.