Little Bit of Fabric

How about another Baby Doll Skirt to sew!

This one is made with a bunch of fabric scraps.  Let’s look through your scrap bag!


little bit of fabric skirt


This skirt is sized for a baby doll which has the same measurements as for the other baby doll skirts that I’ve posted here.

- Head to toe is 14″
– waist measurement is 9 1/2″
– Waist to knee is 4 1/2″

To make this skirt, I cut fabric strips that were 1 1/2″ x 6″,  2″ x 6″,  and  3″ x 6″.


fabric strips to sew skirt


I stitched the fabric strips together in no particular order along the 6″ edge.  I used 1/4″ seams on my serger.  And I pressed the seams to one side.

Then I trimmed this patchwork piece to 18 1/2″.

The hem was folded under  3/8″ and I used a decorative stitch and contrasting thread.

I sewed the 2 short ends together with 1/4″ seams on my serger.

The waist casing was folded under 3/4″ and I used 3/8″ elastic at  9 1/2″ long.

I’ve started a list of Christmas gifts to sew and baby doll accessories are on that list.

Happy October!

Monday, Mondays

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to let you know that the Monday Series theme for October will focus on


sewn bags



Over the past few months, I have sewn quite a few bags.

I think they’re fun to make and design…

- Zipper or not
– One pocket or three or four
– The size of the straps and how many straps
– A lining or not
– Which fabric to use
– Maybe add buttons for a closure

Are just a few thoughts that I think of when I create bags.


sewn purses


Starting next week, there will be a different bag project for each Monday.

There’s a lot planned here on this blog for October!

Little Bit of Plaid

Do you  like to sew with plaid fabric?

I originally bought some plaid fabric to make a tablecloth.  Instead, I  decided to cut the fabric up and sew a few things for our home.


little bit of plaid


I wrapped some plaid fabric around a scrap piece of wood that my husband cut out.

I cut a strip of plaid at 3″ x 30 1/2″.  I cut 2 quilting cotton pieces at 3″ x 3 1/2″.  On each end of the plaid strip, I attached the smaller pieces with 1/4″ seams.  Then on all 4 raw edges, I used a 4 thread overlock serger stitch.


plaid wrapped wood


Then I placed the scrap piece of wood in the center of the plaid strip and wrapped the 2 ends around the front and tied the fabric in a knot.  To finish, I put a silk flower in between the knot.

Very stylish looking sitting on a shelf.

And I sewed up some cloth napkins.  I cut up 15 1/2″ squares and used a double hem on the edges.


plaid napkins and plate


One edge of this fabric is frayed.  I thought it was pretty cool looking.  So, I cut a piece of plaid and serged the 3 raw edges.  Also using a 4 thread overlock serger stitch.  Right underneath the frayed edge, I sewed 2 rows of zigzag stitches.

Perfect for a bookmark, as I usually have a stack of books sitting on our coffee table.

I have enough plaid fabric leftover to make a few more cloth napkins.

They’ll make our table look awesome for Sunday dinner!

September Day

I love Fall days!


fresh picked flowers


- Fresh picked flowers to leaves changing colors on trees

- Sewing with plaid for a few upcoming posts


sewing area


We moved the table that I sew on from my sewing room into our den.  There is more natural light in there.

- Sewing more Fall coasters


fabric scrap sewing


- While thinking of projects using fabric scraps and squares

- And soup for supper.  Chili or potato?

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Bits and Pieces

Fabric bits and pieces.

bits and pieces coaster


I cut up some bits and pieces of fabric and made a Fall Coaster!

I stitched them together in strips with 1/4″ seams.


sewing the coaster


Then I stitched the strips together in a square.  I took a 5″ circle template and placed it on top of the patchwork piece and cut it out.  This is the top of the coaster.  Using the template, I also cut  a piece of cotton batting and a back fabric from a quilting cotton.

Using my walking foot, I stitched in the ditch between the strips.

To finish, I cut out a 2 1/2″ bias strip for the binding.


fabric squares, coaster


Perfect for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee!

Only 2 more weeks until No-Sew Tuesdays!  This will be good for me.  No-Sew Tuesdays will have me:

- Step out of the box and think and blog about non-sewing ideas

- And that it’s ok to step away from bits and pieces of fabric and my sewing machine for a day.

Pretty Patchwork and Denim

Guess what I sewed after last Friday’s post?

Yep!  You guessed it!


pretty patchwork, denim


As soon as Friday’s post was published, cotton fabric scraps and denim stayed on my mind.

So, I started looking through the scrap bag for small pieces of fabric and a piece of denim.

I cut a denim scrap at  4″ x 18 1/2″.  And I wanted some Fall-looking prints for the bottom of the baby doll skirt.


sewing patchwork to skirt


Instead of cutting out  2 1/2″ x 18 1/2″  piece of quilting cotton for the bottom, I cut out 2 1/2″  by 2 1/2″  fabric squares and serged them together with 1/4″ seams.  Then I trimmed it to 18 1/2″ long.


sewing the skirt


And I made this patchwork baby doll skirt in the same way as Friday’s Baby Doll Skirt.

Now, I need to draw up a pattern for a matching top for these skirts!

Have a great Monday!

Baby Doll Skirt

I stitched together a skirt for a baby doll.

Made from soft cozy corduroy and a quilting cotton, it was real simple to sew.



baby doll skirt


I have a whole bunch of this purple corduroy leftover.  I need to make a list of other projects to sew with it!

The baby doll I made this skirt for:

Measured 14″ from head to toe

Waist measurement was 9 1/2″

Waist to knee was 4 1/2″

So, I cut a piece of corduroy at 4″ by 18 1/2″ and a piece of quilting cotton at 2 1/2″ by 18 1/2″.  For the elastic, I used a 3/8″ piece and cut it at 9 1/2″ long.

I sewed the skirt pieces together on a serger using 1/4″ seams.  The hem was folded under at 3/8″ and the waist casing for the elastic was folded over 3/4″.

And I used a Rick-rack decorative stitch on the bottom hem with contrasting thread.

How about a skirt made from cotton patchwork pieces and a denim scrap?

I’ll let ya know how that one turns out!

Have a great day!