Baby Doll Skirt

I stitched together a skirt for a baby doll.

Made from soft cozy corduroy and a quilting cotton, it was real simple to sew.



baby doll skirt


I have a whole bunch of this purple corduroy leftover.  I need to make a list of other projects to sew with it!

The baby doll I made this skirt for:

Measured 14″ from head to toe

Waist measurement was 9 1/2″

Waist to knee was 4 1/2″

So, I cut a piece of corduroy at 4″ by 18 1/2″ and a piece of quilting cotton at 2 1/2″ by 18 1/2″.  For the elastic, I used a 3/8″ piece and cut it at 9 1/2″ long.

I sewed the skirt pieces together on a serger using 1/4″ seams.  The hem was folded under at 3/8″ and the waist casing for the elastic was folded over 3/4″.

And I used a Rick-rack decorative stitch on the bottom hem with contrasting thread.

How about a skirt made from cotton patchwork pieces and a denim scrap?

I’ll let ya know how that one turns out!

Have a great day!


A Patchwork Bowl

My sewing machine feet have a new home.

This wooden bowl used to store spools of thread.


patchwork bowl


So, I made a patchwork piece similar in construction to the basket of thread and put it inside the bowl.

I stitched 1 1/2″ wide fabric strips that varied in length.  I sewed 7 strips together.


patchwork for bowl


Then I trimmed the patchwork rectangle to be 11 3/4″ long.

On the 4 edges, I used a 3 thread overlock narrow hem serger stitch.


sewing machine feet, bowl


I cut a fabric strip that was 1 1/2″ wide by 27″ long and tied it around the outside of the bowl.

There’s even a few Velcro pieces, elastic, bobbins, and my quilting guide in the bowl.


basket, patchwork bowl


I’m slowly sewing some storage ideas for my sewing table!


Blogging, Quilt Blocks and Ideas

When I began this blog, mainly every post was about sewing.


spool and quilt blocks


But, isn’t it fun to have a variety of things/topics (clean topics) to blog, write/ and chat about?

Like recipes, reading, blogging, kitchen, cooking, books, crafts, no-sew ideas…

The main theme for this blog is sewing, but I thought it would be cool to take a day and blog on no-sewing stuff.

Tuesdays, starting in October, will be No-Sew Tuesdays.

Why Tuesdays? Yesterday, for the life of me, I could not get into sewing.

This week, the only things I sewed were camping items.


sewn camping items


And yesterday, the cover sat on my sewing machine.

I took a tiny break from sewing.  I did cut out some fabric scraps into quilt blocks that I would like to sew together this winter.

And I cut out more fabric scraps.

While I was thinking of more pretty Fall ideas with Fabric Scraps.

October’s right around the corner!

September Sew

I wanted to share with you the finished hot pads from last week.

I first mentioned them in Ah Fabric Scraps to go in our camper.


sept sew hot pads


And I just had to cut out some Fall looking scraps of fabric to make a couple more!

It’s already the middle of September.  And I have a lot more Fall ideas to share with you:

- A couple more corduroy ideas
– Plaid projects
– A couple more camping ideas
– And I can’t forget sewing with fabric scraps!

I had mentioned over the Summer, that I like sewing projects with a Summer theme.  Well, I can honestly say that I really enjoy sewing for all seasons!

And friends, do you have a favorite sewing season or theme?

Cozy Tablet

I stitched up this cute tablet cozy for camping.

This is great to take along on Fall trips.  It’s made from an old denim skirt, flannel, and soft corduroy scraps.


cozy tablet


First, let’s measure the width and length of your tablet.  Then to the width, add 1 1/2″ and to the length, add 2″.  So, here is what I cut out:

- 8 1/2″ x 12″  flannel for the lining, 2 pieces
– 8 1/2″ x 12″ batting, 2 pieces
– 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″  square of quilting cotton for front
– 1 1/2″ x 25″ quilting cotton for tie
– 1 1/2″ x 16″ quilting cotton for tie
– For the exterior front and back, I sewed a piece of denim and corduroy together with 1/2″ seams, then trimmed it to 8 1/2″ x 12″

Sew the lining pieces right sides together with 1/2″ seams.  Leave one of the shorter ends open for the top edge.  Also leave an opening in one of the side seams.  Trim the bottom seam allowance to 1/4″.  Keep wrong side out.  Set this aside.

Press over all edges 1/4″  to the wrong side of the 3 1/4″ square.  Place on the front exterior piece, keeping at least 1 1/2″ away from all edges.  Stitch close to the edges attaching this square.

Place the batting on the wrong side of the exterior front and back pieces.  Quilt with your preferred method.  I just sewed straight lines down the middle and stitched in the ditch in between the denim and corduroy.


front of cozy tablet


For the ties, fold over both short ends 1/4″ to the wrong side.  Then fold in half lengthwise and wrong side together.  Stitch down the long raw edge.  I used a four thread overlock serger stitch.

Repeat for the other tie.


back of cozy tablet


Place the exterior back piece right side up.  Place the longest tie in the center of the bottom short edge with raw edges matching.  Baste.  On the top short edge of this same piece, baste the shorter tie, matching raw edges.

Place the front and back pieces right sides matching.  Sew with 1/2″ seams, leaving the top short edge unsewn.  I tied the ties loosely, to keep out of the way when stitching.  Turn this right side out.

Place the exterior , which is right side out, inside the lining,  which is wrong side out.  Both right sides are matching.  Also, line up the side seams and pin around the top edge.


sewing cozy tablet


Stitch around the top, close to the edge.  Pull the exterior through the opening in the lining.

Sew the opening in the lining closed.  I used my sewing machine.

Push the lining inside the exterior.  Smooth out the top edge.


topstitching the cozy


Use a decorative stitch around the outside edge.  Sew this on the right side of the fabric.


decorative stitch at top edge


I used a Serpentine stitch.

And place your tablet inside and tie in a bow!

Fabric Scrap Bookmark

Here’s a Friday’s Fabric Leftover project!

It’s real simple and quick to make.


fabric scrap bookmark


Materials to make one bookmark:

- 1 1/2″  x  7 ”  fabric scraps, 3 pieces.  I chose 2 quilting cottons and 1 piece of denim


sewing bookmark


Place 2 pieces of fabrics wrong sides together along the 7″ edge.  Sew or serge with 1/4″ seams.  I used a three thread overlock wide serger stitch.

Repeat the above step to attach the remaining fabric scrap.

Press seams to one side.  The seams are on the right side of the fabric.

On the right side of the bookmark, use a decorative stitch and sew down in the middle of the 2 seam allowances.  I used a Serpentine stitch and contrasting thread.


front of bookmark


Then on all 4 raw edges, use an overcast stitch, a zigzag stitch, or a serger stitch.

Add a ribbon to the top of the bookmark, if you wish!


Corduroy Doll Skirt

Here’s a cozy corduroy doll skirt.

This fits an 18″ American Girl doll.  Adjust the dimensions, if necessary, for a different doll.


corduroy doll skirt



- 5 1/2″ tall by different widths corduroy, 2 – 3 pieces, after sewn together measures 22 1/4″ in width
– 2 3/4″ x 22 1/4″ piece of quilting cotton
– 11″ elastic, 3/8″ wide

Take the various pieces of corduroy and sew them together along the 5 1/2″ edge.  Use 1/4″ seams.  I used a 4 thread overlock serger stitch and 2 different pieces of corduroy.  Press seams to one side.

Use a serger or a zigzag stitch on all raw edges of the skirt, if desired.

You have just sewn the top portion of the skirt.  Now, place the quilting cotton right sides matching along the bottom long corduroy edge of the skirt.  Sew or serge with 1/4″ seams.  Press seams to the bottom of the skirt.


the doll skirt


For the hem, fold over the bottom long edge of the quilting cotton 3/8″ to the wrong side.  Use a decorative or a zigzag stitch across.  Also, if you wish, use contrasting thread.  I used a Rick-rack stitch.

Serge or sew the 2 short ends of the skirt right sides matching with 1/4″ seams.  This forms a tube.

Fold the top raw edge to the wrong side 3/4″.  Stitch around close to the edge creating a casing for the elastic.  Leave about 2″ unsewn.


sewing casing for elastic


Insert elastic in the casing through the opening.


put elastic in casing


There is a more detailed description in Dolly’s Spring Skirt for inserting the elastic in the casing.

Sew the opening closed after threading the elastic through.

I almost added a cute pocket with the contrasting quilting cotton on the front of the skirt.

Or you could add more decorative stitches along the bottom of the skirt. I just love sewing with decorative stitches!

Back to my sewing room to make a skirt just like this one for a baby doll.  Will let ya know how that turns out.