Quilts and Notes

Pieced together

Fabric squares

A November quilt.


quilt squares and notes


On this fine November weekend, I just wanted to share with you what project I’m working on.

I’m piecing the fabric squares together.  There have been a lot of posts about quilting, lately.  Perhaps I should have named November a quilting month!  The next post about the fabric square quilt and the Winter Throw, will be the finished project.  Yeah!

I first mentioned the fabric square quilt here .


fabric on steps


I started sewing with 8 squares to a row, but then decided to add another square.


sew quilt squares


So, here is what I have sewn so far.

I’m working on both quilts, and if I start another quilt in the future, I should probably finish up the other ones first!  One quilt at a time!

I’m also putting the finishing touches on some  projects to share with you next week.

How about some posts featuring Homemade Holidays?

Journal of Quilts


Welcome to Thursday Threads!

This is a new series that started last week.  Thursdays are days that I showcase one of my “Projects in the Works.”  I always seem to start new projects without finishing the one that I’m working on at the time.


journal of quilts


And if you have a project that you are working on and would like to share it in the comment section, please do!  Anyone working on holiday projects?

I have a list in my Sew Journal of holiday stuff that I would like to make.  Ornaments, doll accessories, a bib and these quilts, are on that list.


Winter quilt


It’s back to work on the warm Winter Throw.  Boy, did I have quite a time trying to machine quilt this .  I did pick out the seam from Monday’s post.

Here is what I came up with:

- It may be that I’ve never machine quilted a quilt that size before.

- It may be that I did not use enough pins.

- It may be that I was in a hurry.

- Or it may be that the batting was not smooth.

So, to make it just a little easier for me to machine quilt this, I cut off 1 row of squares.


restyling Winter quilt


But then there sat half a pocket.  So, I cut off a few more inches right above where the pocket was sewn on.  Now the quilt is somewhat smaller, and that is ok with me.

The extra fabric that was cut off this quilt?


fabric square quilt


Instantly became squares for the new quilt!

Back to the sewing machine and my walking foot.  I am not going to give up.  I am going to try to machine quilt this again.

I do need to slow down and take my time quilting!

Oh, how about a patchwork binding?

Bridal Showers with Fabric

Here’s a sweet, little series!

With fabric and bridal showers.

Oh, I just love decorating and coming up with games for bridal and baby showers.  How about you?


bridal showers with fabric


Over the next, oh perhaps, few weeks, there will be posts sprinkled throughout this blog with a  bridal shower theme.

Part 1 is a cute game.

Here are some fabric themed words for an Unscramble Letters Game:


How about adding the words Potatoes, Lasagna, and Recipes in the list for a twist?

And fill a wide mouth quart  size Mason jar with the following items for a gift:

- Spools of thread
- Buttons
- Rickrack
- Elastic
- Fabric squares
- Ribbon, etc.


decorating a Mason jar


Cut out a small fabric scrap circle and place in between the jar lid and the ring.


sew items in a Mason jar


And wrap the jar with a fabric scrap bow.

Too cute!


Once Upon a few Stitches

There were squares of fabric

sitting on my sewing table.


once upon a few stitches


And the Winter Throw sandwich ready and waiting to be quilted.

What to do first?

Which project to work on?

I decided upon the new fabric square quilt.  While I’m stitching the squares together with 1/4″ seams, I’m tossing ideas in the air for a name of this new quilt.

And there are some denim squares cut out from an upcycled skirt along with cotton scraps that make up the rows.

Then onto the Winter Throw.


quilting Winter throw


I decided upon quilting this at our dining room table.  And with my walking foot and quilting safety pins securing the sandwich, it was time to start walking (quilting).

I started down a short seam by stitching in the ditch that was somewhat close to the middle of the quilt.

Oops!  The back fabric got bunched up in the stitches.  And it did not look very pretty!

So, to keep on a quilting, I’m going to try:

- To pick out this seam
- And to start over by taping the back fabric down on our kitchen floor to start another sandwich.

Try and try again!

I’ll keep you posted on my quilting adventures.

Pretty and Cozy

Are  just a couple of  words that came to my mind.


little snow on the ground


Pretty outside


November snow


and cozy inside.

We lit our wood stove this past Wednesday night, after letting it go out earlier in the week.


fabric squares on a stool


And I have 70 fabric squares cut out so far for the new quilt for our camper.  They are 5 1/4″ square.

It’s a quilting weekend for me, as I bounce back and forth between the quilt sandwich of the Winter Throw and cutting fabric squares.  This new quilt really needs a name.

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back here blogging on Monday!

Happy Days of Quilting


Welcome to Thursday Threads!

Yesterday I introduced this fun, new series.


happy days of quilting


And here is the first “project in the works.”

After much thought, I decided to start on the Picnic Blanket.

I began this back in June.  It was fun piecing the 10 3/8″ fabric squares together.


picnic blanket returns


But then the sun came out with warmer temps, camping season began, and the Summer breezes beckoned me to enjoy the great outdoors.

So, this picnic blanket sat and sat and sat on the back of a chair getting wrinkled and forgotten by the day.

With the cooler temps, I am calling it a Winter Throw and am excited to finish it!


pocket on blanket


Here is where the pockets were added to the front of the blanket for cloth napkins.  Now that it is a Winter Throw, I’m wondering if I should stitch the pockets closed?

Or leave the pockets open?

I was also planning on ribbon ties to roll it up for picnics, but these won’t be added on to the ends.


back fabric for blanket


The back of the quilt was pieced together from 3 different fabrics that were leftover from the pockets and other projects.

Now it’s a quilt sandwich time for me!  And I’m going to try to stitch in the ditch down the seams, while the quilt is somewhat rolled up by my sewing machine and sitting on the table.  Hope it works.

Beginning Thursdays

With the Monday Series complete for 2014,

I just had to bring out a new series!


fabric, journal, yarn


Actually, I was going to introduce this in 2015, but could not wait!

Tomorrow is the start of:

Thursday Threads.

On Thursdays, I’ll showcase a “project in the works.”

I think it will be kind of cool.  And it will help me finish up projects that I start and toss aside.  And there are many of them, from sewing to knitting.

If you have a project that you are working on and would like to share it in the comment section, please do!


sewing fabric squares


Let’s see.  The picnic blanket that I started in June, the placemats, or the new fabric square quilt.

What shall I work on?