A Smiling Sketch

Welcome to Prose and Plaid Fridays!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called A Smiling Walk with some fictional characters that keep popping up here.

Some thoughts that occurred to me while writing that short story,

The scene starts out with February and October walking down August Lane.  She was trying so hard to be positive and not look so gloomy.

– She could have had an acceptance on her book proposal.

– She could have had a rejection letter.

I chose the latter.  Why?  Perhaps then I would have more posts to write with those characters.

And who’s the neighbor?  Let’s see, we already have January, February, March, a dog named October and a road named August.

I really wanted to use another name of a month, but could not decide on one.

And the lake?  Again indecisiveness.  Plaid Lake or Polka-dot Lake.

In the end, at the very last minute, before I hit the publish button on A Smiling Walk, did I write this:

“Oh by the way, their neighbor was wearing a plaid Spring coat, perfect for an afternoon of fishing on a small inland lake.”

– Will we ever know the neighbor’s name?
– Does he catch a lot of fish that afternoon?
– Will the lake have a name?
– Will new characters surface?

To be continued . . .


My Blogging Memoir Two

Last week I started a two part series.

This is where I write a few things that I have learned along my path to blogging.  Here is part one.


outdoors with pencils and fabric


It was fun clicking the preview button seeing what my site would look like with different themes, before deciding on this one.

I have never participated in any Blogging University classes.  But, I have decided this is the year to!  And I can not wait to sign up for them when offered again.

I’m still learning WordPress each and every day.  And enrolling in the Blogging U. will help me get this shy person (me) out into the community more.

Widgets are so cool!  It seems I’m always changing, adding, or removing them.  I would love to join Goodreads sometime and insert that widget in my side bar.

I still struggle on how many days to blog.  Too much, or too little?  I do not know.  With two blogs, I have a schedule worked out to start blogging on alternate days.  And in the back of my mind, a day open for the possibility for a third blog down the road. Or should I say down August Lane . Sorry, my fictional characters keep popping up on this blog!  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Prose and Plaid Friday writing with these characters.

And I have learned that I do not need a photo for each of my blog posts.

Isn’t blogging fun and exciting?

Monday Journal

I try to write each day.

It may be a word or two.

It may be a few words.

It may be quite a bit of words.


writing outdoors


But some days I have a blank screen or a blank piece of paper.

Sometimes I walk outside to get inspiration,  just grab a cup of coffee and some writing supplies.

Then I start to write down whatever pops into my mind.

– A rainbow

– Strawberry picking,  that sounds like fun!

– Trees, or flowers, a breath of fresh air

– Fabric.


On my list I could write going to:

– The County fair

– On a day trip

– A baseball game.  Hi March , Sorry just had to include the fictional character in this one!

At this moment, I have notes and lists scattered all over my desk.  I really need to sift through them and edit or set aside for future blog posts.

And you know what?  I kind of like this for a weekly themed post.

Monday Journal.

Has a nice melody to it.

Have a great Monday!

Warm up to Writing

It’s a Prose and Plaid Friday!

And I’m in an organization mode.


fabric, writing supplies


And I’m warming up or getting ready to begin writing my novel.

First up is to organize our den.  Just have to tidy it up a bit.  With books, pencils,  paper, and fabric scraps all over the room, too much clutter to write!

Oh, and I need a checklist!

– Thesaurus

– Dictionary

– my notes, outline,  list of character names, etc.

– Laptop

– Coffee, tea, a banana for nourishment (no chips here)  well, maybe 1 cookie or 2

And it’s time to begin!

I thought of a title, I already have an ending, and the time period is present day.

Plus  I think,  some scenes are pretty sad.

Here I go.

Have a great weekend!

My Blogging Memoir

A few tidbits  of what  I learned  along my  path in blogging.


fabric, notecards, pencil


– That WordPress and the community of people are awesome and  wonderful.

– Over a year after I started my first blog,  did I have the courage to change themes.  It was a piece of cake, and I may have  to change this theme sometime to a larger font.

– Again having courage in this one, I changed the tagline twice after  starting my first blog, all while figuring out which direction or road I’m traveling on.

– Email sign up for the Daily  Post.   I always saw this in my Reader, but just recently signed up for the daily emails, and I love it!  And I may try my hand at writing some Daily Prompt posts.

– Creating my second blog was much easier than creating my first blog.  So easy, I want to start a third blog, but decided two’s a good number for now.

Did I say “For Now?”  Um, I think it would be cool to have a weekly blog and post just once a week, how about on a day that my other 2 blogs do not have a scheduled post.

Think.  Think.   Will have to think on this.

And Part Two of My Blogging Memoirs will be next Thursday!

Blogging Days

It’s  Tuesday and I just could  not stay away!

It is somewhat comical that I wrote last week, I would be blogging Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.


coffee cup, pencil. notes, fabric


And here I am today.

With the writing bug upon me, it’s like I have  more words to write and to blog!  No complaints here.


I wrote this haiku:

Four seasons blogging
From rain, wind, snow to sunshine
Type words from my heart.


Well, I’m off to get my desk organized for some writing!

Perhaps I shall  try posting Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!


Happy Monday!

It’s the middle of  April, and I’m looking back at my footprints.

My  footprints or steps    when I first  created this  blog to today.


outdoors with coffe cup, pencils


I first began this as a sewing blog.  When I started posting, I  thought I had to post a tutorial every single post.  Boy, was I  wrong!  It was difficult, but fun.

Then the writing bug overtook  me and along came writing stories mixed with sewing.

This is quoted from a post I wrote this past  December called Someday:


I’ll decide on what kind of book to write and submit a book proposal.


Fiction or non-fiction.

I’m going to start writing a novel.  And document about my footprints or steps to writing it on this blog.

As my new tagline reads,  I’m standing at a crossroad to writing and stitching.   You will see more writing posts now than before, with some posts documenting my journal of sewing clothes.

Have  a great Monday!

A Smiling Walk

Welcome to Prose and Plaid Fridays!


fabrics, plaid, pencil


Here is a continuation from last Friday’s fiction:


Strolling down August Lane with  her dog October,  February smiled.

She smiled at pedestrians, cyclists, people playing basketball, to neighbors picking weeds from their gardens.

As she rounded the corner,  October barked happily and wagged his tail.

“Hello February.  October.”  and their neighbor bent down to pet October.  “How is your book proposal going?” he asked.

“Not so hot.  I just got a rejection,”  February answered.

“I keep saying, try, try and try again,” their neighbor quoted.

“Yep,  you’re right.  Thanks for the pep talk.”

And February and October continued down August Lane, enjoying the Springtime sounds, and scenery all around them.


Oh by  the way, their neighbor was wearing a plaid Spring coat, perfect for an afternoon of fishing on a small inland lake.

Book Crumbs

In Monday’s post, I had mentioned a little bit about the Book Corner Series.

And  the Book Corner Series is returning!


pencil, denim organizer


I really was planning on bringing it back this Fall, but impatience got the best of me.  I was too impatient to wait.  And with me wanting to write a bit more, or I should say a lot more,  this was the perfect opportunity.

Bringing that series back from the archives with new posts will give me focus, purpose, and more ideas of what to write about.

You will see posts popping up weekly during the next oh, say few months.

And here is a little bit of an update of my journal of sewing clothes:

I had a denim skirt cut out sitting by my sewing machine.  Never made 1 stitch on it, and ended cutting it up for a new quilt top.

But the denim was really light weight and perfect for a quilt.  And there’s bits and pieces left over for smaller projects!

Back to square one or should I say my sewing room to look for more skirt fabric!

Time to Write

Isn’t it a fine morning?

I just love  to write on Monday mornings.

The weekend’s over  and with a coffee cup in hand,


outdoors with fabric and pencils


I’m ready for some writing and blogging!

I think it’s neat on some days to write what pops into my mind.  Today it’s the words

Time to Write.

I would like to make an inspiration board real soon and  ” time to write”  will definitely go on it.

Along with Sew Positive,

and from my Writer’s Sketch post the words:

Begin to Write and Begin to Sketch.

Also Sew Creative and A Smile from last Friday’s post.

As I think of more positive and uplifting words for this inspiration board, it’s time for me to bring back the Book Corner Series.

It is time for me to write more blog posts.  My goal is to blog Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays in April.

And it is time for me to re-read my post Someday and a few  thoughts I wrote down, I could possibly do now.

Have a great Monday, everyone!