Handmade Days

It’s the weekend!

And here’s a Winter’s Notebook post.  Sorry that it is a day late.

I wanted to share with you a couple of projects that I’m working on.


bookmark, tablet satchel fabric


Here is another January Snow  Bookmark that I made.  No serger stitches, as I used a couple of overcast stitches on my sewing machine.

And here is the front exterior of the new Tablet Satchel or sleeve.  I upcycled an old pair of capri pants for the front.  Then I cut nine 2″ squares from fabric scraps, and stitched them together for an accent square.  I folded the 4 edges over 1/4″ and sewed it onto the front close to all 4 edges, as I did not want a pocket.

I purchased the book Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes and I’m actually reading it like a novel.  The new bookmark  I made came in handy to hold my place in the book.

I have two Sewstylish magazines and a Simplicity pattern 1699 on my sewing table.  I’m leaning toward the  Simplicity pattern for my first project to sew.  It’s a sleeveless top with a back zipper.  I must have purchased this pattern a year or two ago and never even looked at the directions!

As I finish the Tablet Satchel and the Fabric Square quilt,  then  I hope to start on my journey of sewing clothes for myself.  I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

Creative Writing

It’s eleven o’clock at night.

I have nothing written for tomorrow’s post.



paper, pencil, notebooks


Maybe because I wanted to write something really cool.  But nothing came to mind.  I thought to myself:

– Think Creative

– Think Writing

Then this popped into my  head, why not post the other 2 endings for yesterday’s story .  I actually had written three endings for Turn the Page Three.  Right up to the last few typed words, did I decide on which ending to use.

The original:  And he hit a home run.

My other two rough drafts were:

And he struck out.

For this other ending, I was aiming that March is a relief pitcher.  And that the two sisters were hoping to see him pitch.  Here is what I had written down:

“It was the top of the eight inning and the scoreboard read 5 – 4.  All of a sudden February jumped up and shouted,  “There he is!”  And  pointed to someone walking out of the bull pen toward the pitcher’s mound.

That someone is their brother.  Whose name is March.”


But yesterday, March played at shortstop.

Turn the Page Three

Here is another page in the story of the fictional characters January and February.


plaid scarf and notebook


January waved and walked over to the bench where her sister sat.   She plopped down and pulled off her plaid scarf as the sun came out and warmed up the afternoon.

“Oh, I just love baseball games in the Spring, ” January said.

Rummaging through her denim messenger bag, she found a pair of sunglasses.  “Did I miss anything?” asked January.

“It’s the bottom of the second inning and we’re up to bat,” February replied.

It was a pleasant April day to watch a baseball game.  January looked over at the scoreboard and saw that the game was tied at one.

The two sisters started chatting about sewing and writing book proposals while cheering for their brother’s team.

A few innings later, the scoreboard read 5 – 4.  All of a sudden February jumped up and shouted, “There he is!”  And pointed to someone walking up to the plate for his turn to bat.

That someone is their brother, whose name is March.

And he hit a home run.


Book Corner Crossroad

I stared at a blank screen on my laptop.   So, I reached for my coffee cup.

And pondered.

Do I continue the Book Corner Series or not?  That was the question of the day.


books, fabric and thread


I took another sip of my coffee.

All of a sudden, my fingers started typing letters.  Letters  became words.  Words that became this haiku:

Fiction and poems
Bit of sewing and writing
Book Corner Series.

This series has been so delightful to write.  This series combined some things that I enjoy writing about:

– Sewing
– Fiction
– Haiku

In my post Book Corner Bits I mentioned that this series would conclude at the end of this month.    Wow, that’s this week!

Standing at a crossroad of the Book Corner Series, I have decided to bring it back this Fall.  I haven’t even worked through my whole list of post ideas.  This week, though, will feature some of those posts.

But, it is not going away completely . . .

As I document my fabric scrapbook of sewing clothes for myself ( which will be quite an adventure I think),  and talk about books that I’m currently reading, those posts will be included in this Book Corner Series category.

And the fictional characters January and February?  Will we see them before Fall?

Sew Creative

While sipping my morning coffee,

I penned this haiku poem:

Sew creative scraps
Bags, quilts, doll accessories
Fabric square projects.


fabric squares outdoors


I have sewn quite a few fabric square projects.   I think it’s fun coming up with new ideas for scraps.  Projects that use up a bunch of leftover fabric that otherwise just sit on the bottom of my scrap bag.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a couple of projects to show next week.  Projects that I need to finish before starting my fabric scrapbook of sewing clothes.

It seems like it was just the first of February.   Looking ahead to next week,  there will be Book Corner Series posts.  Will it be the conclusion or will it continue??

Have a great weekend!

Penciled Thoughts

While typing up last Friday’s Mid Winter Sew post, I left out a bunch of words.

Words that didn’t really relate to sewing, so I left them out of that post.

Words that turned into a small list.


pencil bag,  pencils,  notecards


A list of things that were a few goals  that I would like to work on more during the next few weeks of Winter.

Along with sewing clothes for myself  (still pondering of what to sew first), and upcycling more, my goals I wrote down are:

– Eat more healthy foods – the Summer is fine with our garden, but Winter, I would rather grab chips than apples from  the fridge.   I’m going to start looking for more healthy recipes.
– Blog more – I’m still working on if I should have 4 or 5 posts a week.

– Laugh more.

– Smile more.

– Write more – I’m going to try to set aside 15 minutes a day to write, brainstorm, jot down notes, etc.  Includes adding  to my Book of Poems .

– Exercise more – Ugh!  Ok, I’m going to try!

– Read more – I took another book off my bookshelf.  It’s called Land of  my Heart by Tracie Peterson.  The time period is the 1800’s, and will be my third time reading this.

– And Sew more – Lately there has been days that I sew and days that I never walk into my sewing room.  If I set aside 15 minutes each day to sew, then maybe I can finish some of the long forgotten projects.

So, here’s what I hope to stride for during the  next few weeks of Wintertime.

I really should make a progress chart for myself!  Especially for exercising and sewing.

Have a great Wednesday!

Calico Notes

Before I set sail on my journal of stitches in sewing clothes for myself,

I created a checklist.

A checklist to get more organized at which fabrics, zippers,  buttons, and thread I have on hand.


coffee cup, notebook, fabric


My goal is to stay away from the fabric store for as long as possible while on this journey.

What?  Stay  away from the fabric store?

That’s unthinkable and unimaginable!  But I can do it.  I think.

While rummaging through my fabric stash, I came up with a bunch of jersey and interlock knit.  What was I thinking?  Probably at one time to sew some t-shirts.

And I really don’t need 35 infinity scarves.  Unless I wear a different one each day for a whole month!  I need to brainstorm ideas for sewing with knits.  Also on hand are denim, corduroy, quilting cottons along with some clothes to upcycle.

I actually like adding zippers to projects.

Buttonholes – very stressful.  I want to run in the opposite direction than to sew them.  Only have sewn a handful of them.

I have never sewn a dress for myself.  Ever.


thread basket, buttons, pincushion


And I have my trusty basket of thread and pincushion.

Am I missing anything else on my checklist?

Oh yeah,  I think I need to come up with a project to sew!

Monday Coffee

My notes that I had brainstormed for today’s post  accidentally ended up in the washing machine.

Yep.   Notes that I had jotted down on paper became:

– bits
– snippets
– shreds

And words written in pencil became:

– unreadable
– nowhere to be found
– washed away forever.

I’m laughing at myself as I type this on my  laptop.  Gotta laugh.  No complaints here.


coffee cup, cloth napkin


So, as I reach for another cup of coffee, a corn  muffin (made from a mix, not from scratch),  and another sheet of paper-nope!   My laptop.

To start Monday off with a few giggles while writing.

As I  remember somewhat of the words I jotted down, they seemed quite dull.  Now I can toss in some laughter while typing it.

A couple of good things that came out of the washer?

– I can improve my post for tomorrow
– And a new sewing idea for a folder to keep my brainstormed ideas in!

Happy Monday!



Mid Winter Sew

Ah, mid Winter sewing!

I love the month of February.  It’s usually cold outside, so I tend to want to stay indoors and sew, sew, sew.

fabric and thread basket


I stitched up another Delightful Centerpiece but this time added a pocket before sewing the front and back pieces together.  I sewed the 3 front rectangles together first.


pocket delightful centerpiece


– I cut 2 quilting cottons that were 7″ x 7″
– Stitched them right sides together with 1/4″ seams
– Left an opening in 1 side
– Turned right side out and pressed
– Pinned this square on 1 front rectangle 2″ from the bottom and 1 1/2″ from the side edge
– Stitched close to the 2 sides and the bottom of the pocket to attach, left the top open.

Then I finished constructing the centerpiece.

And looking down Winter’s lane, I’ve decided to start sewing some clothes for myself.  And to upcycle some old clothes.

I ‘ve sewn some articles of clothing in the past, but I will admit that I have probably sewn more doll clothes than clothes for myself.  Because for me, doll clothes are easier to sew.  And I usually have trouble with the clothes fitting properly.

So, for the next few weeks of the Winter season, I’ll be brushing up on my dressmaking skills!

Written in Pencil

Welcome to a day with a new theme!

Written in Pencil Wednesdays.


fabric and pencils in mug


I enjoy having days with a theme.  It gives me some kind of focus on what to write and blog about.  Otherwise I just:

– gawk
– gaze
– glance
– gape

out the window and doodle with my pencil and  I do not get anything written.

What is Written in Pencil Wednesdays?

It’s a day that will have fiction, poetry, writings and a bit of sewing among the posts.

It is not a series, per say, and it won’t be every week for now.  Unless I have tons and tons of ideas!

I was going to announce this in March, after the 2 Winter Series were complete, but couldn’t wait any more.

I am not sure if this new “themed” day will be once or twice a month, opposite Thursday Threads as this new idea is still in the planning stages.  Thursday Threads will not occur weekly as it has been.

Stay turned!