The Cafe

As I was tossing the dimensions in the air to stitch up a new tablet sleeve, I wrote this page of fiction.


flowers, fabric squares


Alone in a booth at the Café, she took a drink of iced tea.

she kept glancing at the front door, waiting.  She could see all the people walking on the cobblestone sidewalk in front of the Café.

She looked around the Café.  On the tables were flowers in vases with fabric squares.  Calico curtains hung from windows, tied back with bows sewn from scraps of fabric.  Not many people were in the Café on this fine Wednesday morning, as it wasn’t nearly lunchtime yet.

Reaching for her tablet sleeve that was tucked neatly inside a denim book bag, she smiled and remembered.  Grandma stitching the tablet sleeve with loving hands with plaid fabric, along with teaching her how to sew.

Glancing at the door one more time, she took another sip.  “Lemon, ” she spoke softly.  “It needs more lemon.”

And the bell above the front door chimed as someone walked inside.

Inside the Calico Café.

Time in May

Wow!  The weekend’s upon us.

The time in May just flew by for me.

The Prose and Plaid Series will conclude next Friday.   Will the fictional character March return?

This weekend I plan on:

– Time with family and friends
– Time doing some yard work
– Time for writing
– Time for walks
– Time for quilting – Sometime I’ll complete it!

And I just thought of a cool June series for Mondays!

I’m still sketching out the details, I’ll introduce it sometime next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday Morning

Blogging on a Monday morning!  For this journal entry, I’m thinking of inspiration.

If I’m at a loss for words,


denim organizer, fabric squares


Where do I get my inspiration to write?

I’ve written on a few posts that I gaze out the window.  But now I’m starting a list of a few things that I like to write about:

– Anything with seasons
– Camping
– Dreaming up new fictional characters
– Gardening
– Fabric Squares

Sorry to keep repeating some of these words,  I’m always talking about fabric squares!  I actually did a little sewing this past weekend, and I plan on more sewing this week.

I am starting a list of things to brainstorm about:

– A mini series theme for June
– More Book Corner Series posts
– And down the road toward Fall for future posts.

Even reading older posts that I have written on this blog, gives me inspiration for new posts.

Happy Monday!

Penciled in Plaid

Welcome to a Prose and Plaid Friday!


outdoors writing


The fictional character March returns today.  Will this story reveal more about the character?


March shook his head and walked off the field.  Disgusted at himself for losing the game.

“Done,” he muttered under his breath and tossed his baseball hat on the bench.

“March, March, can I talk with you for a moment?”  A reporter from the high school’s newspaper came up to him.

“Um, I’m a little busy right now,” March replied.

Notepad in hand and a camera strap around his neck, the reporter announced, “I’d like to interview you for our high school’s newspaper, The Plaid Papers.”


Oh, I wondered where the word Plaid was going to appear in this story.

Stay tuned for next week’s page!

Monday Letters

While sipping on a cup of coffee, some words popped into my mind.  I took my pencil and started writing them down into sentences.

After re-arranging some words, the first word of each sentence began with a letter in “Monday”.


Morning cup of coffee
Oh, to go outdoors
Nice time for a walk
Don’t forget my camera,
A hat and sunglasses
Yeah, it’s a nice Monday in Spring!

Happy Monday!

Turn the Page Four

It’s Friday, and here’s a Book Corner Series post!


fabric, writing supplies


This is similar to Turn the Page post, but with some new fictional characters here.


Thursday climbed up on the couch with a couple of books in her hand.

“Grandpa, do you want to read these books with me?”  Thursday asked.  And she smiled at Grandpa, who was sitting in the next chair.

“Why, sure,” Grandpa smiled and set the Calico News, their town’s newspaper on the coffee table.

Together, they sat on the couch reading books.  And one was about a dog named October and his adventures.

“The end,”  Grandpa read as he turned to the last page of the book.


Will we see a Turn the Page Five in this series?

To be continued.

Calico Penne Pasta

In response to the Daily Prompt’s “You, the Sandwich”

“If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be?”

Calico Penne Pasta,  of course!


I just love pasta and the word “Calico” just seems to be popping up all the time with my writing, lately.

With the restaurant’s secret Alfredo sauce recipe,  sprinkle a little parsley on top,  and baked to perfection!  Sorry folks, I do not have a recipe to share.  I have calico sewing on my brain at the moment.

Add a chunk of fresh from the oven  bread with lots of butter.

And of course, just have to have:

– Calico  cloth napkins
– Calico  placemats
– And the front cover of the menu in a Calico print!


This is the first time for me participating in the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt writing.


New Pages

With the short story posts that I’ve written on this blog, came a few fictional characters.

January  from Turn the Page ,  February from Turn the Page Two . They are two sisters.  We also met their brother, March in Turn the Page Three .

But, we do not know a whole lot about these characters, do we?    They just appeared in posts every now and then, sometimes in A Book Corner Series. We know their dog is named October and they live on August Lane.

For this Monday’s journal post, I’m thinking out loud.

– I wonder if I should have written the first post describing these characters.

– I wonder if I should have written this as an on going story, posting once a month or every other month?

– I wonder if I should write an ending page to these characters at the conclusion of the Prose and Plaid series?

– With an ending page written, do I start a new page with new characters?

– Writing new pages?  Time for a cup of coffee and a time to ponder!

Have a great Monday!

A New Blog

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about another blog I  created.

Why another blog?  I kind of lost focus of why I created this blog in the first  place.  I know my attention has been on  just writing lately.  With this new blog, it is an all writing blog.

Here,  I can resume  writing about my sewing clothes journey along with some posts with the fictional characters that  have  popped up.

Here is a link to A Journaling Pencil .  It  does need a few widgets  added and  an about page written.

Have a great  weekend!

Coffee in May

Welcome to Prose and Plaid Friday’s!


pencil, fabric, notecards


This is a “Collage of Words” post.

It’s a variety of things that I am thinking about right now.

I think  back to a year ago at this time.

To the sewing posts that were written, to writing two blogs today.

From sewing doll clothes, to writing a novel.

This blog:

– A place where I can just be myself.  I don’t have to strive for perfection. I gave up trying to be perfect years ago.

– A place where I can laugh when my notes  for a post get washed away in our washing machine.

– A place where I can write my about my struggles, for an example,  quilt sandwiches.

– A place that gave me courage, and I learned to get out of my shell to start to participate in the blogging community more.

– A place where I can write from my heart,  hoping to bring a smile to someone while reading  it.

Have a great weekend!