Sew Reminisce

I was blog reminiscing.  The other day, I strolled down remembrance road to what I had written this week a year ago to this week today.

Wow!  Through the year, my posts went from:

Thread to words
Stitches to sentences
Fabric squares to paragraphs.

Oops!  I still write about fabric squares!

Last year I was just finishing up a four part doll quilt and now?  I’m working on writing a few series:

Mondays Desk, the new Book Corner and a revised Winter’s Notebook Series turned into Winter’s Note.

Will I write again a post with thread, stitches and fabric squares?

Have a great weekend!

A Writing Medley

It’s Mondays Desk!

A new series with coffee, my pencil and sharing with you my thoughts on a Monday morning.  This post is kind of like a collage, or I like to call it a “medley” of thoughts.

It was really fun writing last Monday’s Daily Prompt post.  I plan on writing more, that I even thought of creating another blog.  But then reality stepped in, four blogs?  I need to get real and to get organized with the three that I have.

And speaking of three, it was exciting posting on all of them one day last week.  I’m still figuring out a good posting schedule, perhaps it will be like last week, write a day, post a day?  I’ll take this week and work on that idea.

And coming this Fall, will be a new Book Corner series.  I began A Book Corner Series this past January for the winter months with a medley of posts.

The new Book Corner will not have any sewing posts.  It will feature fictional characters that keep surfacing here and a reference to previous book corner posts.

I just love planning things!

My Coffee Desk

Yep!  I did it again.  After writing last Friday’s post, the spark kicked in.  Or I should say my coffee spark kicked in.  I thought of a new theme for  Mondays.  Why Mondays?

Well,  I am usually here, starting way back with the Monday Series.  To me, writing with coffee on a Monday morning is superb.  Oh, I’ve missed some Mondays here and there, but this new theme will give me an opportunity to try my best to be here come Monday morning.

About the new theme . .

After publishing Desk Stories  then Mondays Desk came alive.  Here are a couple of names that rolled through my brain:  Coffee Collage,  Coffee and a Pen,  and A Coffee Sketch before deciding on the title.

With September’s Pen as the only other theme going on here at the moment, I needed someplace for my words to be while I’m sipping coffee at my desk surrounded by a pencil!

Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Hello everyone!   It’s Day 11 of Blogging 101 and here is today’s assignment:

Publish a post  based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt.  I chose Lookin’ out My Back Door.  “Describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene from another country or planet.”

I brought back the character January that has appeared here in previous posts for this page of fiction.


“Grandma, it’s me January,”  a little girl’s voice spoke on the other end of the phone line.

“Hi dear, what’s new after your snowstorm?”  Grandma asked.

” I’m sitting on our window seat with pillows, a quilt Momma made and our puppy sleeping at my feet and looking at the pretty snow.”

“How much snow did you get?” asked Grandma.

“It looks like a new blanket.  Momma said about 7 inches.”

Grandma smiled, “Please tell me more.”

“Well, looking at our pond, you can barely see the wooden bench Daddy built.   And I can see the top of the snow shovel leaning against the bench.  No trees are moving,  I don’t think it’s windy outside.  And there’s no school.”

“Is it sunny or cloudy?”  asked Grandma.

“It is sunny outside,”  January replied.  “and right now Momma’s knitting me a new winter scarf.”

And Grandma and January continued their conversation over the phone.

Desk Stories

Scattered all over my desk are a few books on writing and some homemade bookmarks that I have made.  Oh yeah, and papers.  My laptop sits in the middle on just a tiny bit of the desk, enough to type on.   Pens and pencils haphazardly tossed all over.

Papers scratched with my barely legible writing.  My thoughts, ideas for new blog posts, and novel notes.  Ah yes, the novel that I started.  Well, I tell ya what a predicament I’m in.

I have 2 non fiction ideas in my brain along with another novel idea.  Another novel idea?  Uh, I need to get my first one finished.

Oh if my desk could talk.  The tales it could tell.  From the mess to mugs of coffee getting cold as the words flowed.  At least the coffee stayed in the mug and not spilled all over the place.   Or I should say all over the desk.

I think I better straighten up my desk now.  Have a great weekend!

Blogging Days Two

Happy Wednesday!

A few months ago, has it been that long?  I wrote a post called Blogging Days  where I talked about my blogging path.

Today,  it’s Themes.

I realize I do not have any days at the moment with a series or theme.  So  I thought I would list some of what I have written here in the past.


fabric, notebook,  pencil


Monday Series  – wow,  it seems like a decade has gone by for this series.   I believe it was my first series here.  Each Monday there was a sewing project and each month had a different theme.

Fridays Fabric Leftovers – sewing with fabric scraps.

No-Sew Tuesdays – a day to leave the sewing machine cover on and blog  about different topics.

Thursday Threads – with this theme I tried to get back into sewing more  by showcasing a project in the works.

Written in Pencil Wednesdays – A writing theme with a tad bit of sewing, although I may have had more writing posts!

So,  I look back over these themes and have decided.  I have decided it is time for me to create a day with a new theme/series.

With coffee perhaps?

Stay tuned!

The Letter

I wrote The Cafe page of fiction a while back.  Here is part two that I wrote   yesterday, simply called The Letter.

She sat alone in a booth at the Calico Café.  The bell chimed above the front door as someone walked in.

She looked up from her tablet to see if it was someone she knew.  “No one,” she spoke real soft.  No one at all.

She sipped more of her iced tea.  Then on an impulse, reached inside her denim book bag for a sheet of paper and a pen.  She decided to write a letter.  She chose her words carefully as she wrote them on that sheet of paper.

And she wrote.  Then she simply penned “From Me,” and folded the letter in half.  Then she wrote on the front “To Someone.”  She propped that folded sheet of paper against the vase of flowers that was on the table.

Then she took one last sip of  iced tea, reached for her book bag, and walked outside.  Away from the Calico Café.

And the letter.

A Written Road

Happy Friday!

As  I had the words writing, blog and a road or path on my mind, I wrote this haiku:


Standstill in the road
Of writing with a pencil
Days with empty thoughts.


Back in June, I had written that I would be blogging on Mondays.  But I hit a patch or curve in the road to writing.  Empty days.  And empty thoughts.  I would go a whole week of not being  here and then come Sunday night,  I had just a few patches of words to jot down for Monday’s post.

I had hit a road block or writer’s block.

Then Blogging 101 started this week.  I picked up my pencil and erased the patches and began to write.  No more days with empty thoughts.

My pencil keeps on a writing  and I’ll be posting here more week days.

I’m now cruising down a writing road and loving it!

Ah Taglines Two

I did it again.

Yep, I did it again.

Did what?

I changed my tagline not once, but twice last week.

Last week  I changed my tagline, or I call it a sentence, subject, or theme that sits at the top of this blog.

From standing at a crossroad to writing and stitching, it became:

Standing at a crossroad to writing and gingham.

Then I decided on:

Journaling My Words with Gingham.

I did write down on paper journaling my words with scraps of calico.  And I thought, “how cool.”  The word journaling from my third blog and calico from my second blog.   Then I thought “not cool,” as I try to keep the blogs separate.

Can I keep my hands off the tagline for a while?  Probably not.


Thus, completes today’s  assignment for “Edit your Title and  Tagline” for Blogging 101, which I re-enrolled for July.

Another Moment


Here is a continuation from last week’s post Few Moments .  I put myself again as the character in this page of fiction.

As the drizzle turned into a cold rain, I pulled some green knitted mittens from my bag.  I smiled at the memory of my grandmother who taught me to knit at a young age.

The afternoon became more grey by the minute.  I started humming a song that was currently being played on the radio stations.  And I began to walk a little faster down Main Street.

“One more block and I’ll be inside,” I spoke out loud and wishing I brought along that matching knitted scarf.

I rounded the corner and there was the door.  I looked up to see a sign.  A sign with the words Calico Library.  And I joyfully walked inside.