A Thursday Return

Ah, Thursday Threads.

How about an old category becoming new?


fabric scraps


Way back, ok not so long ago, I created Thursday Threads here.

My pencil drops.  I then reread that ol’ category.  I just had to check exactly what it was again!

While doing some blog organization and working on the Woven Scrapbook fiction series, I thought it’d be cool to add something different.  A change of pace.  To bring  back a touch of sewing.

Just a touch.  My tagline is for keeps.

Journaling my words with gingham.  Seeing that may have helped me in deciding on a gingham day.  I’m also thinking of going through my old tutorials here that are resting in the archives and sewing them again, or at least some of them again.

An idea.  I may start with my posts from March 2014!

Stay tuned.

this is your song

This post is written in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:

This Is Your Song

“Take a line from a song that you love or connect with.  Turn that line into the title of your post.”

This fictional story is a prequel to my post from December titled Merely A Song.

The time period for This Is Your Song takes place approximately fifteen years prior to Merely A Song.


Carrying school books in the crook of one arm, I shuffled my feet along the edge of a dirt road.  Yeah to summer and then breathed deeply into the most awesome country air.  Really.  I smiled at the thought  of sleeping in every weekday and then having nothing to do but read!

Suddenly a green pickup truck came barreling down the road.   Blowing dust in it’s wake, I heard a girl shout something about a road and laughter as country music played on the radio.  I gazed down at my now dusty books, tennis shoes, clothes.

Merely.  That laugh was from Merely.  A girl in my high school history class.  Oh, everyone in this town heard of Merely.  A bubbly, bookworm, friend to all, and who didn’t have a mean bone in her body.  The truck stopped at an end of a driveway.  But I kept on walking.

“Lanie, you who!  Lanie,  meet me at the library later?  I have about ten books to bring back,”  Merely announced.

“Sure,”  I tried to sound excited.  When I really wanted to do was curl up on our front porch and read.  Alone.  “Hi Ben.”  I put on a smile for the driver.

“Lanie, I was just saying to Ben that I’m going to write a book someday.”  This went in one ear and out the other.

“I just heard the most cool country song with the word road in it and . .”  Merely kept on chatting.

“What song?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,”  Merely went on.  One day you’ll walk into our library and see my book.  The title will be Merely A Road.”

“Gotta run, see ya  Merely.  Ben.”  Another pretty smile.  He’s so cute, as I walked toward home.


Fifteen Years Later

I just received a text from her.  Merely A Road hit the Bestseller’s List.

A Home Tour

This post is written in response to the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge titled “Vibrant.”

“This week, share a photo of something vibrant.  Let’s wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.”

As I’m not at all good with photography and I always seem to season my words with gingham, at the moment winter quilting and fabric scraps are in my thoughts.  Oh, a possible quilt is in the beginning stages, as I snapped this photo.


fabric scraps galore


Here is what I penned:

Out of the snowflakes and into the cozy home . . .

Powder blue fabric stitched onto the back of a quilt.  And the front?  Patches of lemon yellow stripes,  crisp colors of fresh fruit in a wooden bowl sitting on top of a gingham centerpiece.  From melon squares to strawberry slices of fabric to emerald green plaid.

A ball of yarn sitting on a coffee table, the color of a peach.  In an instant, a photo of a bushel basket with just picked fruit on a summer day and a slight breeze to cool the air.  And on that coffee table?  A maroon mug with a stack of books.

A pinch of parsley splashed over top of potato soup.

A crocheted scarf on a hook by the front door, waiting for a grey, snowy day. The color of that pretty scarf?  As a haunting midnight sky.

Thus, my fictitious tour ends with a cup of tea and writing in a denim notebook that desperately needs a front pocket from some lonely fabric scrap.

Oh yeah, and cutting more fabric squares.


This is written in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:


“What’s the one  item in your kitchen you can’t possibly work without?  A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen  – what’s your magic ingredient, and why?”

Um,  let me see . . .

Oh, I know!   The kitchen hot pad I talked about sewing almost a couple of years ago


hot pad, note card, pencil


here on this blog, wow has it been that long?  I had to reread the post.  Two posts,  actually titled  Fabric Circles and  Sew Kitchen.

Ok, back to this prompt.

This hot pad, pot holder, made with fabric scraps, batting and insulated batting.

This hot pad, being in use in my kitchen everyday, boy it had to go through the laundry first before I wrote this post!  Just had to have it looking pretty!

This round scraps of fabric stitched together sits patiently.  Waiting for a pan of water to boil or a casserole ready to remove from the oven.  I do need to stitch up another someday.

And to answer the prompt, “Why?”  I really do not know.

Perhaps because it is homemade, or perhaps it the first thing I reach for so that I don’t burn my hands.

Time for me to look for some fabric scraps!

A Scrapbook Preface

After writing a couple of fictitious stories featuring the character Merely and a family  heirloom, the scrapbook, it seemed fitting for me to continue the story.


fabric and writing supplies


Yesterday’s post, The Woven Scrapbook and with writing that blurb, oh what fun!  I have never written a blurb before.  It came to me to keep on writing this with a  series of posts.

Next up, probably a prologue.   I was contemplating of skipping and heading right to chapter one, but a prologue to this story sounded so cool.

But wait!

I have two other fiction stories posted here with the character Merely.

Merely a Song
Merely a Drive

Will they become woven together or on a separate thread to The Scrapbook?

The Woven Scrapbook

When I wrote my fictitious story in response to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt Modern Families on January 11, I actually had thought of a second ending.  And was going to post it the next day, but never did.

This post weaves a part of the story of the fictional character Merely from my post titled Modern Families with that second ending into a blurb for a fictitious back cover that I wrote:

In response to The Daily Post’s  Daily Prompt:  BYOBookworm

“Write the blurb for the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.”


part of denim notebook, pencil


Here goes my blurb!

One frigid and stormy January eve under her grandmother’s homemade quilt, Merely casually reaches for the family heirloom.  Nicknamed The Scrapbook by her parents, Merely delicately turns the old, yet untorn pages in search of answers.

Answers to the rumors that have started circulating around the small Midwestern town.

While stumbling upon an ancestor she never heard of, pieces of faded fabric fall from that scrapbook onto her lap.  Merely is soon whisked away into a different time period of her great-great Uncle Jeb and their family patchwork.   Will Merely uncover the truth she is looking for or will it send her on an opposite threaded road, beyond The Woven Scrapbook?

To Be Continued.

February Review

In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:   B Plus

“Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.”

I wrote a fiction story for this prompt.

As ice pellets slammed against the den window,  February shivered while reaching for a lilac knitted shawl.  Tossing it over her shoulders, she turned on the laptop.

Sitting at her desk on a frigid January morn, she was ready to blog.  Hopping on her fabric scrap blog,  February was eager to type about the past weekend, sharing updates with her readers.

Being stuck inside on a frightening cold and snowy weekend,  February thought over the last couple of days.  If she had to grade it, February grinned, it would be about a   B+.

Oh, sure from Friday’s fiasco with a baked casserole dish to cutting up 50 quilt squares.  To reading 5 chapters in a new novel to accidentally spilling her mug on the paper back cover, soaked with coffee and then ripped in half when she grabbed her ringing phone.

And on to Saturday.  Writing 2000 words of her book, and contemplating putting a summary of that on her blog to a minor mishap with a wool sweater.  February smiled as she typed that episode.  Ok, the sweater could be chopped up into something, maybe hot pads or scarf squares.

Then back to work on that quilt to a couple of rows sewn.  Thank goodness that old machine didn’t cough up stitches and kept on a rolling!   February laughed out loud. Um, kept on a sewing, as she continued to type.  Then on to Sunday.   With blueberry pancakes to a new homemade soup recipe that she created, and then went on writing that she would share the recipe in a post next week.

Yeah, all in all, she’d review this weekend as a  . . . B+!