Season of Words

Hi everyone!  This post is what I have written for Day 16 of  the Writing 101 class.

The title of the assignments is “Mine your own Material.”


writing supplies, fabric scraps


“Take a peek in the drafts section . . .  Can you see any unpublished copy in any way?”

I took a peek at my writing drafts for this blog.

I see daily prompts, quite a few half finished, half written.  Left forgotten.

I see the characters January and February written down.  New blog posts?  Perhaps a Turn the Page 5 post?

I see my haiku  written down on a piece of paper from a post I wrote this past winter titled Somewhere in Time .  Why did I write that down?  Was I going to expand on the story?  Or was it because it was one of my favorites?

As I stroll along on a path with my unfinished drafts, I also touch upon a second writing prompt for this assignment.

“Tell us about a time you’ve left an object, place, person, or even an idea behind and had to move on.”

The answer is sewing on this blog.  No more tutorials as I left sewing behind and walked toward a writing blog.   A big step for me –  no more fabric as my header photo!

So I think back through the years to now, to the sewing projects to new posts with just my writing, I turn to my unfinished drafts.  And toward December for blogging!

Two Places

This is in response to The Daily Post’s  Daily Prompt:   A Tale of Two Cities

“If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would you chose?”


writing supplies


Well, after I read this, I immediately thought of a campground.  Then I read the prompt again.  And back to my thoughts.

I’m thinking of my spare time, between these two places.    I reached for my pencil and here is what I wrote.

– A library.

With comfy chairs and so many, many books to read!   I honestly  wouldn’t know which book to read first!

– Our den.

I just have to mention this one.  I spend quite a bit of my spare time in our den.  No complaints.  In fact, I do need to clean my desk again.  I try not to snack in there, my luck I would get crumbs all over the laptop keys.  I just have to watch out for my coffee cup!  At least I don’t have to worry about my notes getting washed away. (my own laundry lesson from my post Monday Coffee)

Of course, this library would have to be in walking distance from my home.  A quick hop from a library to my desk in minutes.  I’ll probably bring an umbrella just in case.  Wouldn’t want to get drenched!

A February Chapter

Good morning!  Day 14 of the Writing 101 class.

The title is “Recreate a Single Day.”


denim notebook, fabric


When writing this assignment, I took snippets from my posts Turn the Page Two and Turn the Page Three, which were written earlier this year, added and changed a few words and turned it into this post by recreating a single day with the character February.

8:00 am – Sipping on  a mug of coffee, February hit the send button.  Sending an email for a book proposal.

9:00 am – Cleaning up her small gingham kitchen from a breakfast of oatmeal and toast.   Deciding on a walk as it was a pleasant start to the day.

9:30 am – Wiping up a coffee spill on the kitchen floor.

10:00 am – Walking outside, seeing a neighbor reading the newspaper on his front porch.  “Hello, Mr. Plaid.”

Home again.

10:45 am – Checking her email.

11:00 am – Writing a post, hitting the publish button on Fabric Squares with February blog. (what a sweet name for a blog)

12:00 pm – Lunch with a peanut butter sandwich and an apple (hey, I ate that for lunch, too)

12:30 pm – Memories of her mom and little sister of long ago as she glanced at the fabric squares on her sewing table.

Later in the afternoon.

2:30 pm – Stitching a few rows of fabric squares together.  Uh, oh, sewing machine breaks.  Looking at the time.  Grabbing a messenger bag, heads out the door.

3:30 pm – Sitting down on a bench by her sister January, and watching a baseball game.  Sunglasses fall through the bleachers onto the ground below.

4:00 pm –  Sunglasses retrieved, sisters talking and enjoying the warm April air.

Then the score was 5-4 and their brother March, was up to bat.

He hit a homerun.

What a nice Spring day!

Fall Scenery

It’s Friday!

I’m in the middle of putting the finishing touches on the assignment for Day 14 of the Writing 101 class.

But  my mind turned to fall.   Love writing about this season.


outdoors  in autumn


Before the first snowfall

Before December

Before a new season

Before colder weather

Before winter winds

Before hot chocolate,

I wanted one more chance to enjoy

A fall scenery!

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Wooded Trail

Good morning!  Here is what I wrote for Day 13 of the Writing 101 class.

The assignment was to Play with Word Count.  I started counting words as I wrote this with a pencil, then got into the story and lost track.

Here is a work of fiction with myself as the character.


scenic autumn outdoors


Walking through the woods, layer upon layer of soaking wet leaves, my hiking boots were becoming a little uncomfortable as I felt my soggy wool socks.

Birds overhead chirped to one another as I sniffed into the damp air, wishing for a handkerchief.

The sun suddenly appeared from behind tall trees.  A sigh of relief.  Hopefully my soggy wool socks won’t be soggy anymore.

Autumn Time Coffee

Stand still in the road
Of writing with a pencil
Days with empty thoughts

I quote my words from a haiku I wrote last summer in a post titled A Written Road.

Here is what I penned for Day  5 of the Writing 101 class.  You had to begin your post with a quote.

I rewrote that haiku for this autumn season and wanted to share with you:


Autumn time on road

Come again pencil writing

No more emptiness.


Also welcome  to Day 11 of the Writing 101 class.  “Update your readers over a cup of coffee.”


coffee cup, fabric, pencil


Oh, I just love  writing these coffee posts!  I love writing all posts with  my cup of coffee sitting on a patchwork coaster.  Although, I seemed to have misplaced it along this autumn time road.

If we were having coffee, the first thing I would say is “Hello,  how are you?”  This Fabric Scrap Coffee Shop is so cute (sorry, I couldn’t come up with a better name, after quilting yesterday I have fabric scraps everywhere.)  I hear the blueberry waffles are scrumptious.

And I have a couple of blog updates to mention:

I am going to keep the tagline, it describes me, it is my love of both sewing and writing woven together in a post.  With this autumn season, the Blogging University classes, the Daily Prompts, and a smidgen of the Book Corner Series, I have plenty of wonderful words in my head to catch onto the paper!

No more emptiness, here comes my pencil with words!

As for a blog schedule and how many days to post, still pondering that.

If we were having coffee, I would say  “Thank you for coming  to this Fabric Scrap Coffee Shop, and Thank you for reading!”  I may have to order one of their chocolate chip muffins to go.

One More Time

This is in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt:  One More Time

“If you  were able to relive one day from the last 12 months which day would it be and why?”

To relish in one more time of the soft summer air before the winter winds arrive.


outdoor scenery


To relive one more sunny day at a campground.  With my feet up and absolutely no plans for the day.  Oh, maybe a bike ride and to cook dinner over the campfire.

To check what’s on television in our camper, to beach towels blowing in the breeze on the clothesline.   And with not a raindrop in sight.

With a book in my hand, sitting in the shade with sunglasses and a cool hat.

Oh yeah, sipping on a mug of coffee!