Ah Taglines Two

I did it again.

Yep, I did it again.

Did what?

I changed my tagline not once, but twice last week.

Last week  I changed my tagline, or I call it a sentence, subject, or theme that sits at the top of this blog.

From standing at a crossroad to writing and stitching, it became:

Standing at a crossroad to writing and gingham.

Then I decided on:

Journaling My Words with Gingham.

I did write down on paper journaling my words with scraps of calico.  And I thought, “how cool.”  The word journaling from my third blog and calico from my second blog.   Then I thought “not cool,” as I try to keep the blogs separate.

Can I keep my hands off the tagline for a while?  Probably not.


Thus, completes today’s  assignment for “Edit your Title and  Tagline” for Blogging 101, which I re-enrolled for July.

Another Moment


Here is a continuation from last week’s post Few Moments .  I put myself again as the character in this page of fiction.

As the drizzle turned into a cold rain, I pulled some green knitted mittens from my bag.  I smiled at the memory of my grandmother who taught me to knit at a young age.

The afternoon became more grey by the minute.  I started humming a song that was currently being played on the radio stations.  And I began to walk a little faster down Main Street.

“One more block and I’ll be inside,” I spoke out loud and wishing I brought along that matching knitted scarf.

I rounded the corner and there was the door.  I looked up to see a sign.  A sign with the words Calico Library.  And I joyfully walked inside.

Few Moments

I took a few moments, sat with a pencil and jotted down this beginning page of fiction last night.   I put myself as the character in these opening  paragraphs.  Will there be a part 2?


It was a misty Monday afternoon as I walked down Main Street.  Thinking about the minestrone soup in the crockpot and homemade muffins for dinner, I continued on my way.

Wishing I had a hot steaming mug of coffee,  I reached inside my messenger bag for a pair of knitted mittens.


Have a great Monday!


Daily Prompt Final Trio

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is: To publish a post based on your own personalized take on a blogging prompt.”

The prompt I’m writing about is called Final Trio “Write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.”

Here goes a page of fiction with the prompt.


My stereo was softly playing a song by Trisha Yearwood.  I started humming it, but couldn’t remember the name.  I think it’s called The Song Remembers When  but wasn’t exactly sure.

Childhood memories came flooding back, as I turned to that old blue-faded bookcase, painted by my mother.  “Oh,”  I cried, as I saw Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  My first chapter book.  I was so proud when I read the entire book all by myself.

A cracked ceramic vase, with blueberries painted on the front, sat on top of that bookcase.  Filled with lilacs that I picked this morning.

Still humming that song as I reached for the book, an old ripped bookmark fell out from one of the pages.  And I began to read.

Paint with Letters

Happy Friday!

I wrote this little page of fiction on this gorgeous summer Friday and wanted to share with you.


pencils and fabric


Out and about on an October day observing the oak trees, I continued walking.  I went by an old picket fence while heading for the store down Orchid Lane.

On the left side of the lane was this wonderful,  organized store filled with odds and ends from fabric to food.  I often went there as a kid.

I opened the front door of the store and strolled over to the bolts of fabric lining one wall.  I glanced at some pretty blue fabric with polka dots and decided to make an apron.  I could spend hours just gazing at the pretty prints.

And I did.

Fiction Homestead

Hi everyone and Happy Monday!


fabric and writing outdoors


If I do not set aside minutes, moments or half an hour to write,  I seem to lose my way, words, ideas and my voice.

To overcome that and with June’s theme of summer and writing, I created something new on this blog.

I needed a new place for my pages of fiction that I write here to go.  September’s Pen is a new place, home, spot, area, or category in which my fiction that I write from now on will appear in.   They have otherwise been scattered in various locations or categories and not really organized.

When writing, I come to an end of the post and it’s not really an ending.  For example, The Cafe , the character was waiting for someone.  And who was it that walked inside the door to the café?  Sure, that will create new posts to finish the story, and now they will be more organized on this blog.

Why did I pick that name?  I think I may have exhausted the word pencil.  Pen fit better and I seem to be thinking a lot about the fall season.

Will there be a character named September?

Stay tuned. . .

Patchwork to Words


Wanted to share with you the post I wrote for Day 4.

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is “To identify your audience.”

I try to write a medley of different  posts on this blog.  At first it was all sewing,  then prose.  From  patchwork to words,  I wanted to share a little of what I have written here:

– Sewing tutorials, from a bunch of doll clothes to my woes with quilt sandwiches

– Haiku

– A Daily Prompt writing

– Fiction

– My blogging  Memoirs One and Two

– Numerous series with different themes (just love them)

– And my thoughts and reflections about writing.

To all who read this little blog of mine,

Thank you, Thank you!



Ah Taglines

Wanted to share with you what I wrote for Day 2.

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is

“Edit your Title and Tagline.”

Why did I create this name for this blog?   My goal was to sew and sew and sew.  I posted for quite some time tutorials and sewing projects.  And loved every minute.

I could change this blog’s name now that I am writing more.  But the name will stay, I just change the tagline every now and then.  To me, thinking of taglines is just as much fun as it is thinking of post titles!

The very first tagline was “A Collage of Stitches and Crafts”

This past February when I began to have a pencil in my hand more often, I changed it to  “Writing Bits and Pieces of My Life with Calico Stitches”

And most recently,  “Standing at a Crossroad to Writing and Stitching”

This tagline fits me to a “T” as it seems like there are days when I’m on a sewing road and there are days that I’m on a writing road!

And there are some days that I do not know which direction in the road I should go.

Hello to Blogging

How’s your Monday?

I had registered for Blogging 101 a short while ago, and the course starts today.  I’m so excited!

In the beginning, I had planned on bouncing back and forth from all three of my  blogs for the written assignments.  But after thinking about it this past weekend, and this is the blog that I had registered with,  I have decided to post all my assignments here.

Today’s assignment is “Write and publish a who I am  and why I’m here post.”

Trying not to repeat myself from previous posts, I’m just someone who loves to blog.

This blog started as a sewing blog,


coffee cup, pencil, fabric scraps


but then I began writing.  I changed my tagline and it’s something I struggle with each time I post.  Do I add sewing posts or just write and see where it leads me?

With June’s schedule,  I’ll be posting more than just on Mondays!

Have a great day!

Along Mondays Road

It’s Friday!

After thoroughly thinking along my road of blogging,  I have decided to post on Mondays.


coffee cup, fabric pieces


I have been at a crossroad for sometime as to how many days to post here.  It has been an exciting and fun time writing the many Friday Series.

I have some posts with themes throughout the summer months, which I am hoping will also be a fun and exciting time.

I enjoy blogging on Monday mornings, it’s a nice start to  writing for the week.  A few ideas that I had in mind for this post title were:

– A Monday Blog
– Monday Morning Blog
– A Road for Monday

I just love thinking of titles for blog posts.  After writing my posts, I usually start a list of words that would be fitting and cool for a title.

I’ll be here on Monday  mornings with pencil in my hand, a cup of tea, coffee, or a glass of orange juice, dictionary and a Thesaurus.  And I can’t forget to mention fabric scraps.

Have a great weekend!