Simply Monday

It’s Monday!

And here is a haiku that I wrote:

A Monday morning
Laundry awaits as I smile
What a cheerful day!


fabric scraps, book, thread


A cheerful day with:

– Smiles

– Encouraging words

-Soup in the crockpot and

– Meals planned for the week.

There may be fabric squares scattered all over,  books disarray on the coffee table,  my tablet on one chair, the tablet sleeve tossed on another chair, and laundry awaits.

But I take a few moments and relish in the simplicity, joys, and cheerfulness of a

Monday morning!

Have a great Monday!

With Prose and Plaid

I just had to.

I just had to create a Spring mini series.

And I wrote this haiku:

With prose and plaid a
New series to begin on
Fridays April, May.


fabric and pencils


Each post written will be centered around the theme of prose or plaid.   And polka-dots and cotton, as I do not have many plaid scraps.

In Prose, will the fictional character March return?  If so, will he play baseball?

And what about Plaid?

Stay tuned, this new little series is arriving on  Fridays in  April and May!

Have a great weekend!

Written Days

It’s a Written in Pencil Wednesday!

What a glorious Spring day.


flowers and pencils


I wrote this haiku:

Pencil to paper
Checklist for garden planting
and camping season.

While there are some lingering snow piles, I’m thinking toward the month of April.

April,  I tend to jump start thinking about our garden and getting our camper cleaned and organized for the upcoming camping season.

Ah, to warm Spring days of:

– Clothes drying outside with a soft breeze

– Our camper awakes from it’s long Winter’s nap

– First stages of garden planting

– And blogging!

Happy Wednesday!

New Hat

After finishing my new sewing machine cover,

I’m back to sewing  more.

I found this McCalls Pattern in my sewing room along with some jeans to upcycle.


pattern, fabric, thread


I want to make a hat with a nice brim to keep the sun out of my eyes while in the garden.

But let’s start at the very beginning.

Many years ago, I made McCalls   pattern M5541 view B from denim.  The pattern calls for wool, wool blends, or fleece.  But I had thought, “why not denim?”

I did not quite know the ins and outs of my serger , but I used it anyway to make the hat.  After serging the crown to the brim, the serged stitches sat right across my ears.  Uncomfortable!

I made a second hat, but  in a larger size and added a lining.  That hat turned out very nice, but too big.  So, the hat sat and sat, forgotten.

Last fall,  I washed the hat and tossed it in the dryer.  A perfect fit.   I must not have dried the fabric in the dryer before sewing that hat  long ago.

So this year, with the gardening season almost upon us, I’m going to try a third time with an old pair of jeans and fabric scraps.  Oh and the first hat size!

What could possibly go wrong?



Spring Seams

Happy Spring!

With today’s  post, thus concludes the Winter’s Notebook Series.

Wow, it seems like it was yesterday that this series began.


flowers, pencils, oganizer


I wanted to share with you the 2015 sewing machine cover that I was working on.


2015 sew machine cover


It is similar to the 2013 Sewing Machine Cover post with a few twists to the pattern:

– I  folded all raw edges over 3/8″, then again  3/8″.

– After folding the edges, I used a straight stitch instead of a zigzag.

– Instead of 1 long  tie sewn across the back of the cover, I cut 2 fabric strips at 2″ x 20″ and folded each strip in half lengthwise and wrong side together.  I serged the 3 raw edges with a 4  thread overlock stitch.

– On the right side of the cover, I measured up about 5 1/2″ or so and stitched the ties  to the back side of the cover.

– Then placed the cover over my sewing machine, wrapped the ties around to the front and tied it in a knot.

If I had used a solid color fabric instead of little flowers, I probably would have sewn a pocket or fabric accent squares  onto the front.

Cute cover for some  Spring sewing!

A Winter Note

It’s a wonderful Wednesday and I penned this haiku:

The Winter Notebook
Series is almost finished
December returns??


flowers. sewn projects


It is the first day of Spring this Friday!  And will also be the last Winter’s Notebook Series post.

This series was soooo cool to write.  Two of my favorite  posts written were:

Somewhere in Time and Snowy  Day Cowl .

Will there be a Spring or Summer or blog series?

And will this Winter series return in December?

Only time will tell.

Blog Schedule

I  gaze out the window.

I  pick up my pencil.

I  take a sip of coffee and begin to write.


coffee cup, fabric, denim organizer


As I’m writing,  sadness comes over me.

Why sadness on a fine Monday morning?

After much thought,  I have decided to start blogging only on Mondays and Fridays.  With a few Written in Pencil Wednesdays in between.

At this moment, I  feel I need to cut back on days of blogging for a while.

I’m working on becoming a little more organized, ok a lot more organized, as I look at the two quilts that I have sitting here unfinished from last year.

I will still be writing and posting poetry and fiction.  And I can’t wait to blog about my travels down the road of my fabric journal of sewing clothes!

Sometime in the not so distant future, I am hoping to have a permanent blog schedule of every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And, I am actually working on the fabric square quilt today!

Have a nice Monday!

March threads

It’s the weekend!

I’ve been Spring cleaning and Spring sewing.


thread, organizer, fabric


After talking about a 2015 sewing machine cover,  I had to take some fabric and make one.

I’m in the works of sewing a new cover and will post the finished project for you next week.

And I wrote this haiku:

Spring cleaning, Spring sew
Organize cupboards, thread, and
Fabric for journal.


fabric, thread, journal, pencil


I found some fabrics that were in my sewing room and once were sewn into curtains.  Simply love the plaid and the lining is a solid purple.  They’re both cotton fabrics.

I cut the fabrics apart and I’m planning the beginning stages for my fabric journal of sewing clothes for myself.

Sorry this Winter’s Notebook Series post is a day late.

Have a great weekend!





Spring in harmony

When the month of March comes around, it  makes me talk about Spring.

The wonderful activities of the season.

Or projects that I would like to sew.


flowers, pencils, fabric


From melting snow to mud puddles to the joyous sounds of Spring:

– Birds chirping

– Enjoying outside

– Hearing the song “Take me out to the ball game” in the 7th inning stretch

– Lawn mowers

– Gardens being tilled for planting

– The sound of a wood splitter for the following Winter’s warmth

– Laughter around campfires

Soon  the mud puddles will dry and Spring will be here!

Have a great Wednesday!

Calico and a Pencil

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Penciled Thoughts.  I  had  jotted down some personal goals that I wanted to work on more during these next few weeks.

Then an idea came to me.

An idea for another blog.


fabric and organizer


A blog to journal my progress of those goals I had written down along with learning to have a more simpler lifestyle.

I think it will be fun to write two blogs!

One to write fiction, poetry and my sewing journal of dressmaking, and one of my  journey to a simpler lifestyle!

Here is a link to my new blog called Calico and a Pencil .

Have a great Monday!