Chance Encounter


It’s not June yet, and I’m back!

I wrote this fiction story last night for:

Chance Encounter    “This  week’s  Discover Challenges, inspired by Ann Cavitt Fisher’s “The  Train,” asks you to focus on a chance encounter.


She stood toward one side of the pond.  Shivering in the chilly dusk  even though it was April.

Yes, April.  But looking to one side of the pond, it was winter with tiny snowcaps glazed upon  the frozen bank.  A light layer of fog seemed to make a new home just inches above the water.  Forever.

She  looked  across the pond  and gasped.  With it’s  springtime appearance,  a couple  of  ducks along with a few  flower buds.  And . . .  She almost lost her balance on the slippery ground.

A  tall man stood there  by the water’s edge,  gazing in her direction.  Wearing an indigo blue winter coat with the cutest plaid scarf.  My plaid.

What?  She thought.  She didn’t know anything about this stranger.  Glancing down at her plaid clad hands, she wondered what to do.  Should I stroll over there?  Ask him his name?  And where did he come from?

Casting her eyes on him once more, she noticed a movement.

He took  a few steps in her direction.

And she took a few steps in his direction.

And they met in the middle.  Along the pond’s sweet, scenic edge.

May Notes


As I struggle with what to write and post here:

– A start of a continuation from my post titled Merely A Stranger with the Woven Scrapbook Series,

– A start of a new category, but perhaps too similar to the new Gingham Days,

– As I think weekend or weekday blog,

I have decided to take a short break from blogging in this spot and really ponder as to where Sew n Yards is headed.

With a mug of coffee, notebook, a pen and my thoughts,  along with some patchwork stitches,

I’ll be back here blogging in June!

April Notions

Ah, the month of April!

And I’m looking to May.

As I reflect on:

– April

– spring

– writing

– and last but not least, sewing,

As I struggle with my remaining writer’s block, I did have a Gingham Days post all set to go, but at the last second deleted it.  I guess I had wanted my words to be better, interesting, and new for spring stitches.

I  know if I’m here more, my ideas and posts increase and hopefully my writer’s block will diminish once and for now (I won’t say forever, as I know it will return)

So, I plan to take this weekend and:

– Reflect with my pen and write.

– Reflect on new subjects to talk/stitch/show for Gingham Days.

And seriously think as to which one:

Saturday blogging?

Or weekday blogging?

Will post updates next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Merely a Stranger

This  fiction story  is next in line to

the Merely a Song,  from December 30 and

Merely a  Drive,  from January 14,

posts I’ve included with the Woven  Scrapbook series and sort of nicknamed the Merely Adventures!

And begins at the coffee shop with her tears falling . . .


Wiping her eyes, Merely took a sip of now cold coffee.

Glancing around the coffee shop with it’s plaid décor, Merely wondered if anyone noticed her spilt tears.

“Who cares?”  She sniffed, scrounging around in a maroon bag for another tissue.

“Excuse me, miss.  But is everything all right?”

Merely glanced up, almost spilling the chilled liquid.  “Ben!   Oh, Ben how are you?”  A huge smile crept across her tear stained cheeks.

“I’m afraid you have  mistaken me for someone else.  I’m not Ben.” The man standing before Merely who was wearing a plaid shirt, almost identical  to the surrounding walls.

Merely looked downcast and defeated.  “I’m sorry.  You look like someone from . . .   um, someone from a long time ago.”

“No miss.  I’m merely a stranger.”

And the stranger left as suddenly as he had appeared in Merely’s life.

Saturday Blogging


As  I wonder:

If I’m truly out of the mud with my writer’s block,

I wonder.

I take up my pen  . . .

I think for now, I’ll call this my Saturday Blog.

Posting on Saturdays while I wait for my words,

my thoughts,

my ideas  to come back to me.

Something to put on an empty notebook page, and hopefully pull my words, my thoughts, my ideas out from this muddy dirt road or rather writer’s block that I’m on!

Yes, I will admit that it’s a struggle lately as what to post,

I am hoping to think of some creative thoughts and pop in during the week, also!

Have a nice weekend!

A Saturday Melody

Wrapped in the fabric square quilt,

tapping my pencil on a blank notebook page,

I’ve got nothing.

Nothing written down.

No ideas.   No blog post.

Wow, did I drive across a patch of writer’s block and get the car tires stuck?

I could write that I have:

–  24 Log Cabin squares stitched in a pile and

– the sewing machine sits in anticipation with:

Fabric and thread.

Oh fabric and thread,  the things I could create and use (thinking a laptop bag.)

– While my blank notebook awaits:  my words.

And well over 300 posts written here,  there must be something I could write about!

So,  on this nice spring Saturday,  I turn to read my posts from long ago.

I enjoyed writing   The Cafe   fiction story last May and wanted to share the link with you.

As I gather my  thoughts



for future blog posts,

I’ll be back here next Saturday blogging!

Have a great weekend!

Weave into Ideas Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled Weave into Ideas.

How about a continuation post?


finished quilt, fabric squares


A Quilting Update

and the start of two quilt tops at the same time.  Uh spread all over the place, among the midst of freshly ironed fabric, I began cutting pieces for three quilt tops.

But coming to my senses, I tossed one quilt square off to the edge for a future project.  Really should have written “at the end of an ongoing project list.”

Down to two quits now.

What fun!  Picking out fabric and piecing together.  As I refuse to buy any more fabric,  I’m using what I have, including a few pieces of clothing I’m upcycling.

The infamous Fabric Square Quilt Two.  Nothing stitched yet, just cutting and cutting and cutting out squares, while watching the pile grow a little each day.  As the first fabric square quilt gets tossed in the laundry all the time!  Hopefully warm temps will arrive soon.  It’s spring!

And I’m also working on a Log Cabin quilt.


Writing Update

Looking to my Woven Scrapbook project here.  Did I abandon it?  I know I lost the spark to write it for now.  Sorry to repeat my struggle with it.

And at the drawing board, or rather my paper and pen to write new pages,

I’m thinking of posting the Daily Prompts here once more.

So as I revamp again, the Woven Scrapbook fiction series,

I’m hoping to bring it back soon with:

fresh words and ideas

full of adventure

and fun without being

forgotten forever!

Oh!   My curtains from Weave into Ideas still sit here, lost that spark too!