Path toward Fall

Hello!  It’s a Mondays Desk post.

And I’m on a thinking trail toward the fall months of blogging.  Love writing posts through the different seasons.

As I stand at the window, leaves are still green on the trees and our garden has a few zucchini and some tomatoes.   September is so near, I can almost reach out and touch the splendid days.

Ah, September.  In my book, it is perfect for fall blogging.  And what is on my mind for today’s Mondays Desk post?

I’m jotting down with my pencil a list of goals for this blog.  To which path it is heading to the categories September’s  Pen and the new Book Corner series.  September’s Pen, my home for fiction pages, pondering if I should write more or less?  Also staying true to my tagline and not changing it!

Ah, September goals!

An August Sigh

I wrote this beginning fiction piece and wanted to share with you.  This rough draft was written rather quickly along with a cup of coffee.  As it sits on my desk,  I have ideas for a second rough draft in mind.

With the red plaid shirt draped over her arm,  she sighed.  After hanging it on the clothes line, she looked down at the rest of the laundry sitting in the basket, just waiting.

It seemed there was no end to the hot October days.  She tucked wisps of hair back under her bonnet and sighed once more.  Glancing over yonder at the old barn, the barn with a broken door hinge, was the wood pile. A thought ran through her mind. Was that enough wood cut for the upcoming winter?

She sighed once more and reached down for another shirt from the basket.  This time, a blue plaid one, with a tear down one sleeve.  And then teardrops began to fall.

To be continued?
©2015 Sew N Yards

History of Language

This is in response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt: History of Language .  “Write  a piece of fiction that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Tuesday was on her way once again to the mailbox.  Hoping and praying that there was a letter.  It was was the third time this week walking there.  To that mailbox which was surrounded on both sides with wild flowers and memories.

The first day she opened the mailbox to find it empty.  She had sighed,  but thought maybe tomorrow.   At least the hope had cheered her up for a while.  But oh, that was a beautiful warm day as the sun shone down on those wild flowers.

The second day was so dreary, as Tuesday also felt sad and lonely while she opened the mailbox to find nothing.  When she closed the door, raindrops started to tumble down to the ground just like her tears.

Today, though, it was a pleasant August morning.  She slowly walked to the mailbox.  And gently opened it.  She shouted with joy.  In that old painted blue mailbox with faded numbers, sat a letter.

She smiled at the thought, “I guess third time’s the charm,”  and reached inside for the letter.  A letter that was addressed  in her father’s perfect handwriting.

Journaling Time

The sun rays shine through the window.  I grab a cup of coffee or two and head to Mondays Desk.

With thoughts of the new journal talk from last week’s post A Journal Avenue, my head spins with dimensions, fabric squares and Journal Days.

I created this category last year along with the Sew Journal.  But I like to start a bunch of category subjects here.  And then they sit.  After thinking through this idea, the new Winter’s Note Series will go back to sitting while Journal Days are here.

And I wrote this haiku:

August morn writing
Pen at desk journal open
With thoughts and teardrops.

I also wrote this haiku:

August morn writing
Desk with new journal, coffee
Flower vase and pens.

I’m off to do a little organizing for Mondays Desk!


Through the Window

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt:  Through the Window “Go to the nearest window.  Look out for a full minute.  Write about what you saw.”

I wrote a page of fiction for this Daily Prompt.

I set my coffee cup down on the kitchen table and pulled back the green ruffled curtains.

The whole lawn was covered in a light layer of last night’s frost.  An old tree, off in one corner of the backyard, still held onto a single orange leaf.  Suddenly a tiny breeze blew across the yard and the leaf silently cascaded down to the ground.   A clothes line, with two forgotten pins,  swayed back  and forth in the breeze.

I took another sip of coffee and relished in the backyard scenery of a late October morning.

A Journal Avenue

Ah, the travels of the Sew Journal.

Last July, I wrote a post called Sew Journal and how I wanted to create a handmade journal.  One that was a little larger than the Denim Pocket Organizer that I had sewn earlier.


denim organizer, fabric scraps


So, I set out to sew a journal with the same fabric as the denim pocket organizer in the photo above.  I wanted to fill it with lots of goodies.  Mainly  lists, and I love lists!

Back then I was sewing and sewing.  But I also started and stopped a project.  And started and never finished  a project.  I had designed that now ragged and brought almost everywhere journal, so that I could try to become organized with my sewing.

So, I dreamed about the cool denim sew journal while using my little organizer for my fabric squares and my project lists.  I finally finished the famous sew journal last November in this post Simply Stitching when writing became present in my posts.

There are no sewing projects in the pockets of the Sew Journal.  Or  even  fabric.  Blog notes are neatly tucked inside two large pockets. They are filled with ideas that I have jotted down to do, to finish, category lists,  post titles and simply my thoughts.

Thread bare, and pockets not long enough as standard size paper stick out at the top, and probably coffee stains on the front.  It’s in the wash as I type this!

For now, denim and fabric squares run through my mind to make a new one in a different size. And more  pockets!

Happy Monday in August!

Sew Reminisce

I was blog reminiscing.  The other day, I strolled down remembrance road to what I had written this week a year ago to this week today.

Wow!  Through the year, my posts went from:

Thread to words
Stitches to sentences
Fabric squares to paragraphs.

Oops!  I still write about fabric squares!

Last year I was just finishing up a four part doll quilt and now?  I’m working on writing a few series:

Mondays Desk, the new Book Corner and a revised Winter’s Notebook Series turned into Winter’s Note.

Will I write again a post with thread, stitches and fabric squares?

Have a great weekend!

A Writing Medley

It’s Mondays Desk!

A new series with coffee, my pencil and sharing with you my thoughts on a Monday morning.  This post is kind of like a collage, or I like to call it a “medley” of thoughts.

It was really fun writing last Monday’s Daily Prompt post.  I plan on writing more, that I even thought of creating another blog.  But then reality stepped in, four blogs?  I need to get real and to get organized with the three that I have.

And speaking of three, it was exciting posting on all of them one day last week.  I’m still figuring out a good posting schedule, perhaps it will be like last week, write a day, post a day?  I’ll take this week and work on that idea.

And coming this Fall, will be a new Book Corner series.  I began A Book Corner Series this past January for the winter months with a medley of posts.

The new Book Corner will not have any sewing posts.  It will feature fictional characters that keep surfacing here and a reference to previous book corner posts.

I just love planning things!

My Coffee Desk

Yep!  I did it again.  After writing last Friday’s post, the spark kicked in.  Or I should say my coffee spark kicked in.  I thought of a new theme for  Mondays.  Why Mondays?

Well,  I am usually here, starting way back with the Monday Series.  To me, writing with coffee on a Monday morning is superb.  Oh, I’ve missed some Mondays here and there, but this new theme will give me an opportunity to try my best to be here come Monday morning.

About the new theme . .

After publishing Desk Stories  then Mondays Desk came alive.  Here are a couple of names that rolled through my brain:  Coffee Collage,  Coffee and a Pen,  and A Coffee Sketch before deciding on the title.

With September’s Pen as the only other theme going on here at the moment, I needed someplace for my words to be while I’m sipping coffee at my desk surrounded by a pencil!

Lookin’ Out My Back Door

Hello everyone!   It’s Day 11 of Blogging 101 and here is today’s assignment:

Publish a post  based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt.  I chose Lookin’ out My Back Door.  “Describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene from another country or planet.”

I brought back the character January that has appeared here in previous posts for this page of fiction.


“Grandma, it’s me January,”  a little girl’s voice spoke on the other end of the phone line.

“Hi dear, what’s new after your snowstorm?”  Grandma asked.

” I’m sitting on our window seat with pillows, a quilt Momma made and our puppy sleeping at my feet and looking at the pretty snow.”

“How much snow did you get?” asked Grandma.

“It looks like a new blanket.  Momma said about 7 inches.”

Grandma smiled, “Please tell me more.”

“Well, looking at our pond, you can barely see the wooden bench Daddy built.   And I can see the top of the snow shovel leaning against the bench.  No trees are moving,  I don’t think it’s windy outside.  And there’s no school.”

“Is it sunny or cloudy?”  asked Grandma.

“It is sunny outside,”  January replied.  “and right now Momma’s knitting me a new winter scarf.”

And Grandma and January continued their conversation over the phone.