Towels and Fabric

A bath towel

Plus some fabric

And you have a really cool looking towel!


towels and fabric

I added a fabric strip to the green bath towels for our camper.

Here is how I made them:


fabric strip, towel


The towel had one plain short side without any decoration.  On this short side, I cut off the finished ridge or edge of the towel.

I measured across this short end and added 1″ to the measurement and cut a piece of cotton fabric at 5 1/2″ x 27″.  This  was not cut on the crosswise of the fabric,  as I did not want it to shift while sewing it to the towel.

Then I:

– Folded all edges over to the wrong side 1/2″ and pressed
– Folded this piece in 1/2 lengthwise and wrong side together and pressed
– Opened the fabric back up and sandwiched the towel in between with the top of the towel right on the center pressed line


attaching fabric to towel


– Made some hand basting stitches about 1/4″ down from the top of the towel
– Folded the fabric back on the front of the towel and pinned and pinned


fabric strip on towel


– Stitched close to the fold with a walking foot, made sure to catch both sides of fabric
– Stitched both short ends closed
– Removed basting stitches
– And added a small hanging loop on one end!


fabric strip, loop on towel


The blue towel is leftover from the Picnic Pockets.

I cut a plaid fabric strip that was 3″ wide and 1″ longer than the towel.  After folding the 2 short ends over 1/2″,  I folded this in 1/2 lengthwise and wrong side together.  Then opened back up, and folded the long edges to meet in the center.


leftover towel, fabric


I folded the fabric again and sandwiched the right edge of the towel in between.  I used a straight stitch along the fold to attach.

Then I used a four thread over lock serger stitch twice down the opposite raw long edge.  To finish, I cut a 2″ fabric strip, made in the same way as above, and sewed just the 2 short ends to the front of the towel for a hanging loop.

A cool kitchen towel for camping!

Or add ribbon ties and a front pocket and you have a neat utensil roll for picnics!

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